Thursday, 2 November 2017

News: Float@Marina Bay set to commemorate national service

The temporary floating platform at Marina Bay will be developed into a permanent space to commemorate national service (NS) as well as be the primary venue for future National Day Parades.

The platform will be expanded with more seats added, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said yesterday.

Its current name Float@Marina Bay will be changed to NS Square, with a gallery that will showcase the evolution of NS.


Exceptional people: Woman honoured for her gracious service

Customer service ambassador Vasaki Perumal, 56, has been helping a visually disabled man and his guide dog to the bus stop and to a bus seat for almost three years at Buona Vista MRT station.

For that, she was recognised at the 18th National Kindness Awards - Transport Gold 2017 yesterday.

She and 445 other transport staff were honoured for displaying exemplary service and gracious behaviour in the course of work.


Video: Skilled child jumps in pool, floats on her own

Life-saving skills like this are very important in drowning prevention.

Keep fit with martial arts

Ref: thenewpaper, 01 Nov 2017