Monday, 6 November 2017

Plants that repel unwanted insects - in Chinese

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Just ONE dose of new wonder drug can 'melt away' the fat inside arteries

A new drug that 'melts away' the fat that builds up inside arteries has been hailed as a 'big breakthrough' in the fight against heart disease.

The medication has already been successful in trials for the treatment of breast cancer and diabetes and now scientists at Aberdeen University have discovered it could also boost cardiovascular health.

Just a single dose of trodusquemine tested on mice 'completely reversed' atherosclerosis, a disease that causes most heart attacks and strokes.

The disease causes arteries to become clogged with fatty substances called plaques, which over time, narrows your arteries.


Singapore residents first to get new cryptocurrency credit card

The Visa-branded Monaco pre-paid card will allow users to convert cryptocurrency like Bitcoin into legal tender to be used at more than 40 million merchants.

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Exceptional people: Construction worker writes memoir about working here

Mr Md Sharif Uddin, a 39-year-old construction safety supervisor, has written several hundred diary entries and poems in a memoir style in chronological order since he first arrived here in October 2008.

Now, more than 100 of his stories and poems written in Bengali have been translated, compiled into a book and published by local publisher Landmark Books.

Mr Md Sharif is believed to be the first Bangladeshi construction worker to publish a memoir in English about his experience working in Singapore.

The 176-page book, Stranger to Myself, is a collection of his feelings and memories, will be launched at the National Library during the Singapore Writers Festival. The book is on sales at $19.90 each.