Tuesday, 14 November 2017

World Diabetes Day: War on diabetes has raised awareness

Over a year after the Ministry of Health declared a "war on diabetes", public awareness of the disease has increased, Senior Minister of State for Health Amy Khor said.

"Increasingly, we can see that a lot more people are aware,'' Dr Khor told The Straits Times yesterday at an event to mark World Diabetes Day tomorrow, adding that more effort was still needed to get the public to take action.

Asked for figures that showed an increase in public awareness of diabetes, the Health Ministry said it has seen "positive changes in food consumption patterns, and increased participation in activities such as the National Steps Challenge".

Ref: http://str.sg/4ttM

Getting tough on sexual harassment at work

"Me Too" (or "#MeToo", with local alternatives in other languages) spread virally as a two-word hashtag used on social media in October 2017 to denounce sexual assault and harassment, in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein - wikipedia

Ref: http://str.sg/4tFD

Deadly outbreak of black death which has killed 140 in Madagascar

A strain of plague which has already killed more than 140 Madagascar could mutate and become untreatable, an expert has warned.

There are fears the disease could spread to Europe and America via plane travel as Ebola did in 2014, with ten African nations already put on alert for signs of infection.

The majority of those cases have been pneumonic plague, a more-deadly form of the bubonic plague which devastated Europe's population in the 1300s.

While the bubonic plague is spread through the bites of infected fleas, pneumonic plague is spread through the air, usually by coughing.

Symptoms include severe fever, headaches and coughing, with patients often coughing up blood.

It can be fatal within 72 hours of infection, though can also be cured with a course of antibiotics if administered quickly.

Read more @ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5074783/Outbreak-plague-mutate-UNTREATABLE.html

Scam warning: Microsoft movie maker

Microsoft movie maker was part of a main software called Microsoft Essentials 2012 but was discontinued many years ago.

But it is such an easy to use program, it is still very popular with many users.

Original a freeware, scammers are taking advantage to claim there is an ugrade to this program, provided one pays US$29.95.

This is a scam!

You can still download move maker 12 for free but you must go to the correct download sites and search for movie maker.

Do not go to microsoft.movie.maker or microsoft-movie.maker.