Tuesday, 23 January 2018

A heart risk factor even doctors know little about

While doctors routinely test for other lipoproteins like HDL and LDL cholesterol, few test for lipoprotein(a), also known as lp(a) - high levels of which triple the risk of having a heart attack or stroke at an early age.

For most people, lp(a) is nothing to worry about. Levels are strongly determined by genetics and the majority of people produce very little of it.

But up to one in five Americans have perilously high levels of it in their blood. Studies show that diet and exercise have almost no impact on lp(a), and cholesterol-lowering drugs only modestly lower it.

“People don’t know about it, physicians don’t know about it, and we have to get an education programme out there, but that’s expensive,” said Dr Henry N. Ginsberg, the Irving Professor of Medicine at Columbia University and a leading expert on lp(a).

Read more @ https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/health/a-heart-risk-factor-even-doctors-know-little-about-9863778

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