Wednesday, 4 April 2018

MOH-run nursing home Woodlands Care Home in Woodlands pioneering new models of care

The new Woodlands Care Home (WLCH) is piloting an initiative that aims to help residents become independent.

The Home Enablement and Autonomous Living (HEAL) programme emphasises rehabilitation, with the goal for residents to eventually return home. WLCH, which opened in October last year, has identified three of its 109 residents to be part of HEAL since the pilot started in March, where they will live independently and autonomously as part of their discharge preparations.

This includes planning their own daily activities, and being encouraged to serve their own meals, do their own laundry as well as go to the toilet and shower themselves. Nurses will still play a part in their care, particularly in managing their medication.

Separately, WLCH
  • provides caregiver training, to make the transition for residents more sustainable in the long term, and 
  • community partnerships with Admiralty Sec and Riverside Pri schools. The volunteers engage in various activities with the residents with board games, arts & crafts and educating the patients on surfing the internet.

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