Saturday, 28 April 2018

Science cannot explain why kinesiology tape works

It is the kind of thing that some people swear by for muscle and joint pain, like they would their grandmother’s chicken soup for a cold.
  • “It’s absolutely bloody brilliant,” Paul Hobrough, a physical therapist based in the UK, told the Guardian. 
  • Olympic track cyclist Dotsie Bausch says she wears kinesiology tape for days at a time instead of taking ibuprofen for her back pain. 
  • Basketball player James Harden of the Houston Rockets tapes himself up even when he’s not hurt. “Whenever I’m sore, whether it’s my knee or my shoulder, putting the KT tape on gets the blood flowing and circulating around my body,” Harden told NBC. “I’m able to go out there and play free, not really thinking about injuries.”
But even almost 40 years after kinesiology tape’s invention, no one really knows how it works.

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