Thursday, 24 May 2018

An egg a day tied to lower risk of heart disease

People who eat an egg just about every day may have a lower risk of heart attack and stroke than individuals who don't eat eggs at all, a large Chinese study suggests.

Researchers examined survey data on egg consumption among 461,213 adults who were 51 years old on average. When they joined the study, none had a history of heart disease. Overall, they ate an average of half an egg daily; about 9% of them avoided eggs altogether while 13% ate roughly one egg every day.

Compared to people who never ate eggs, individuals who ate an average of 0.76 eggs per day were 11% less likely to develop cardiovascular diseases and 18% less likely to die from these conditions, the study found.

The take-home message from this is that when consumed in moderation, there does not appear to be an elevated risk of developing heart disease or stroke.

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