Thursday, 3 May 2018

Chinese dress at US prom wins support in China after internet backlash

Image from Keziah's twitter account

An American teenager has received support from internet users in China after being criticised for wearing a traditional Chinese dress to her school prom.

“It is not cultural theft,” one wrote. “It is cultural appreciation and cultural respect.”

Weibo users added that Daum looked beautiful and criticised those who have accused her.

“Culture has no borders,” one wrote. “There is no problem, as long as there is no malice or deliberate maligning. Chinese cultural treasures are worth spreading all over the world.”


My 2 cents:
One should appreciate that other cultures are appreciating or learning more about their cultures by wearing their traditional costumes. Is there any harm done by wearing Kimono (Japan) or Hanbok (Korea) or European costumes. Unless they modified or copied some of the designs, it is not a crime. 

Why did someone associate cheongsam with religion? Unless it was worn by a priest or used in a religion, it is not sacred.

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