Friday, 11 May 2018

Dietitian reveals the centuries-old secret to boost your metabolism

For anyone who has tried to drop a dress size but the waistline just would not budge, your metabolism may be holding you back.

And according to research, there is a centuries-old secret that holds the key to a speedy metabolism - and you do not have to go on any diets.

Chewing slowly and thoroughly helps relax the lower stomach muscles, allowing food to easily move into the small intestine,' Ms Cohen told Daily Mail Australia.

'This is important to healthy digestion and may help to boost your metabolism as food is digested more easily.'

A 2014 study found that eating your food at a slower pace can actually help you burn up to 10 extra calories per meal.

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My 2 cents:
I have lost some weight and am maintaining it and it is not due to any diet. My method of losing weight is by eating fruits after every meal or before meal as appetiser.

Fruits help us in 2 important ways:

1. Digestion
All fruits contain acid (the sour taste) that helps digestion. No other food except fermented food has that sour taste.

2. Fibre
All fruits have fibre which helps to push all digested and undigested food to the intestines. This is to prevent our body from storing undigested food as fat in our body.

So, to lose weight, eat fruits after you have your meals, all meals, as fibre is not stored in our body. It is lost after digestion, so you have to eat fruits or vegetables to have fibre in your body.

Please note that some fruits are classified as vegetables because they do not taste sweet as conventional fruits, like pepper, cucumber, tomato, etc. Remember that any vegetables that have seeds are actually fruits.

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