Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The bizarre tell-tale signs that show your loved ones could have Parkinson's

Celebrity lawyer Nick Freeman, nicknamed Mr Loophole for his record at winning acquittals in motoring cases for high-profile clients, recalled the changes in his younger brother's behaviour.

1st sign: On one country walk together, his usually energetic younger brother, John, failed to keep up.

2nd sign: John used his fork really slowly. He also had this musky smell — not unpleasant, just unusual.

3rd sign: ‘John has always handled the finances for our mum, Pat, who is 87. But when he talked to me about the figures, he was hesitant, as if his brain was taking longer to process them — even though he has always had a sharp mind,’ explains Nick.

Although most people are aware of visible symptoms such as tremor, there might be as many as 40 lesser-known symptoms that range from muscle stiffness to depression, anxiety, difficulty sleeping at night and memory problems.

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