Tuesday, 12 June 2018

S$180m in MediSave top-ups for Pioneer Generation in 2018

About S$180 million in Medisave top-ups will be disbursed to eligible seniors this year, as part of the Pioneer Generation Package, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) announced on Monday (Jun 11).

In a press release, MOF said pioneers will receive letters in the coming week, informing them of their top-ups, which will be credited in July.

GST medisave for pioneer generation

The Pioneer Generation MediSave top-ups are in addition to the MediSave top-ups for Singaporeans aged 65 and above in 2018, under the GST Voucher Scheme. Both of these are permanent schemes, disbursed yearly in July and August, respectively.

GST medisave for 65 and above seniors

Read more @ https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/health/s-180m-in-medisave-top-ups-for-pioneer-generation-in-2018-10418556

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