Thursday, 19 July 2018

A £5 bar of SOAP cleared up four-year-old's chronic eczema

A mother has revealed how a £5 bar of soap was able to clear up her daughter's, Grace, chronic eczema in just a week.

She sent the company that manufactures MooGoo products, pictures of Grace's skin at its worst. Her skin was dry, cracked and painful.

A Fresh Buttermilk, Olive oil & Cocoa Butter cleansing bar was recommended. The non-lathering cleansing bar is rich in fatty oils which moisturise the skin and leave it feeling soft and comfortable. The bar is gentle and natural, and non-irritating.

Amazingly, after just one week of using the MooGoo products both day and night, Grace's skin clears up.

A MooGoo's eczema cream sells every two minutes worldwide.


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