Friday, 20 July 2018

Super-fit father forgot his entire family after OVERTRAINING caused a cardiac arrest

A super fit trainer forgot his entire family after suffering a cardiac arrest from overtraining.

Father-of-one Garth Suthurst's heart stopped beating for more than 20 minutes on June 1 before doctors were able to restart it.

Although his family were elated when the father-of-one opened his eyes, their joy quickly turned to heartbreak when he was unable to recognise any of them, including his eight-year-old daughter Lily.

After a 35 day stint in hospital, Mr Suthurst now recognises his loved ones and has been allowed to return to home, with doctors saying he only survived due to him being so fit.


Lessons to be learnt here:
  • Do not overtrain. Know your physical limits.
  • Physical exercise is good for you. Helps you to recover fast when you are faced with illness or disease or surgery.

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