Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Forum: Riders, not PMDs, are the problem

The Active Mobility Advisory Panel's recommendations make a mockery of the car-lite society that we are envisaging.

While I understand that accidents caused by reckless and inconsiderate riders are causing distress to pedestrians, the solution is to tackle the source of the problem, which is the rider and not the personal mobility devices (PMDs) themselves.

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I would recommend that an age limit of 21 be set for PMD riders.

The riders should also not be allowed to ride together with another person. Riders should also be licensed before being able to purchase and ride a PMD.

The licensing model could be similar to that for drivers in which they are required to take basic and advanced theory tests as well as a practical one.

This would leave the riders with no excuse to claim ignorance about the rules governing the use of PMDs.

The panel should find a balance between pedestrians and PMD users, and not lean to either side.

Soh Kar Chiang


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