Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Screening fails to predict most heart deaths in young soccer players

Examinations of more than 11,000 adolescent soccer players in the UK over 20 years have found that routine heart testing prevented very few sudden heart-related deaths during exercise.

One in 266 players were found to have a heart problem that might cause sudden death. Just 1 in 1,396 died suddenly from some form of heart disease, totaling eight cases. But six of those eight athletes had passed the one-time heart screening, which used both electrocardiograms (ECGs) and ultrasound.

Lead author Dr. Aneil Malhotra of the University of London, said the study is the first to give a reliable estimate of the risk. He said it does not suggest that screening is not worth the expense.

In fact, the English Football Association, which helped fund the study, has intensified its call for testing, he told Reuters Health in a telephone interview. The association is now recommending both tests at age 16 with follow-up ECGs at ages 18, 20 and even 25 because heart problems can develop in young adulthood.

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