Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Is it ok to skip meals, even occasionally?

Between waking up and getting ready for work, you might have just enough time to down a cup of coffee before you have to get out of the house. Or your boss just handed you a report at 12pm that needs completing in an hour’s time.

Whatever the reason, meal-skipping happens. So, what is the big deal, right? We over-eat anyway, so we can stand to miss a couple of meals in a day.

For starters, skipping just one meal causes your blood sugar levels to plummet. If you skip breakfast, it means your body has gone without fuel for nearly 12 hours – assuming your last meal was at 8pm and you begin your day at 7am. Imagine starting your car’s engine when its tank is empty, and you get the picture.

“Consistently (skipping meals) might lead to issues such as poor concentration, poor-quality diet and slowed metabolism for some,” said Apple Chan, a dietitian from Gleneagles Hospital. “This usually does not happen overnight. It’s the chronic, low consumption that happens over months or even years.”


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