Thursday, 22 November 2018

Abstain from romaine lettuce - updated with advice from AVA

Public health officials in the United States and Canada on Tuesday (Nov 20) warned against eating romaine lettuce while they investigate an outbreak of E coli that has sickened 50 people in the two countries, including 13 who were hospitalised.

The alerts, issued as millions of Americans plan their Thanksgiving Day menus, covered all forms of romaine, including whole heads, hearts, bags, mixes and Caesar salad.

Officials were uncertain of the source of the tainted lettuce.

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My 2 cents:
I would normally not eat salad from eateries. The reason being the workers normally would just dip the vegetables into the water and that was it.

Vegetable leaves are unlike fruit-vegetables. Fruit-vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers have a smoother skin and can be washed easily off pesticide and other dirt. But leafy vegetables are harder to wash and they must be done correctly or the dirt will still be on the leaves.

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