Wednesday, 5 December 2018

$15 ok for bowl of ramen, but not more than $3 for hawker food?

Source: ST

Mr Tommy Koh has urged Singaporeans not to be too stingy when it comes to hawker food. He said people have no problems with paying $15 to $20 for a bowl of ramen, but not happy to pay more than $3 for hawker food.

Yes, you may be sitting in air con eatery and being served by staff, but the hawkers also work very hard for their living. We must change our mindset and pay more for hawker food, he said.

My 2 cents:
Same thing happens in the wet markets. We will argue with the vegetable or fish sellers over 10cents or 50cents, but we pay willing in the air con supermarkets without blinking an eye. The food that you buy from the wet markets or supermarkets are about the same, but cheaper when the supermarkets buy in bulk but selling more than the wet markets.

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