Friday, 3 May 2019

Wheelchair-bound GrabFood delivery woman lauded for her tenacity in making an honest living - updated

Netizens found something to lift their spirits up in this cold, rainy Friday when a picture of a lady on an MRT train went viral online.

Judging from her attire and the bulky food bag hanging from her back, the lady in wheelchair should be a GrabFood delivery person.

Folks are finding it inspiring that even someone with limited mobility would willing to go beyond what was expected of her and find work that involves traveling distances to pick up and distribute food orders for a living, rather than waiting for hand-outs.


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My 2 cents:
1) Jobs can be found almost everywhere in Singapore if you are willing to work. A lot of people complaining of not finding a job is because they want a job that suits them rather than they change to suit that job.

2) The dark side of this story is that even a handicapped person has to work hard for a living says plenty of the high expenses in Singapore.

3) If she can travel daily for her delivery job, it shows that Singapore's transport and building infrastructures have improved a lot to such an extend that it is possible to travel in a wheelchair in most parts of Singapore.

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