Thursday, 27 December 2018

Why running should be a mainstay in your weekly fitness routine

Are you a die-hard yogi who has hit a plateau in your physical training? A weight training enthusiast who wants to advance your fitness goal? A swimmer who wants to go faster and farther?

Chances are, you are loading up on resistance or intensifying your workout frequency.

But here is a better way to kick your fitness up a notch: Replace one of your weekly training sessions with a run. When you pair good old cardio work with efforts to improve strength and flexibility, the results may just surprise you.
Aerobic exercises increase stamina

Regular runs will make it easier to breathe when you do another swim, spin or any similar exercise that gets you panting. Over time, your lungs will be less easily fatigued, reducing the number of times you feel a shortness of breath, such as when catching the bus, or running after your dog or children.


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