Monday, 12 February 2018

Singapore prepares for Chinese New Year 2018

SAF sends S$135,000 of humanitarian aid to Taiwan

sourc: channelnewsasia

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) provided humanitarian aid to Taiwan to provide relief to victims of the earthquake in Hualien.

The relief package, worth S$135,000, comprised tents, blankets, medical supplies, food items and dynamo lights donated by the SAF.


Forum: Go back to parenting style of old

I read, with great disappointment and astonishment, at how some parents have been caught and fined for using false addresses to register their children in prestigious schools (Lying to get their child into a top school, Feb 4; When lying parents fail their children, Feb 7).

Parents are role models to their children and it is their duty to impart and teach the right values. If parents think nothing of lying, deceiving and using dishonest means to achieve their ends, it is frightening to think about what future generations will be like.

Parenting styles today are sadly lacking in imparting the much-needed and important core values of respect, honesty, humility, integrity and kindness.

With both parents working today, many have either no time to teach their children these important values or they tend to pamper the children, giving them whatever they want.

Such children will grow up without knowing these core values, which will affect the kind of people they will become, their future and their lives.

It is a common sight these days to see children behaving in ways that show no respect and consideration for other people, society or the environment.

Parents must go back to the parenting styles of decades ago, when teaching these important core values was a priority.

This and being good role models themselves are vital to ensure that future generations are nurtured in the right way.

Tan Lin Neo Susan (Miss)


Are you ready to adopt a dog or other pet?

Dogs, as the saying goes, are man’s best friend. But come this Chinese New Year, they will also be seen as the year’s official symbol for luck, good fortune and prosperity.

“In the Year of the Dog, people are very motivated to go get a dog. It's a passing fad. Pet shops and all will be marketing that and hyping it up to the maximum extent,” said Ricky Yeo from Action for Singapore Dogs. “But you have to understand that having a dog – it is not a piece of commodity or a piece of furniture. It is a lifelong commitment and responsibility. People have to think about that carefully.”

What to consider before you get a pet

The decision to keep a pet should never be taken lightly. Once you are a pet owner, you have to be committed to the pet for its entire life. At no time should abandoning your pet be an option.

What does it take to be a responsible pet owner? Here are 8 tips to remember:
  • Feed your pets regular nutritious and balanced meals.
  • Provide your pet with suitable housing and groom it well.
  • Provide appropriate training for your pet.
  • Bring your pet to a vet when it falls sick.
  • Spend time with your pet.
  • Be considerate to others (pick up your pet's poop and don't let them stray).
  • Sterilise your pet to prevent unwanted litters.
  • Microchip your pet for easy traceability if it is lost.

Remember that looking after a pet is just like looking after a baby. You need to be responsible to look after your pet with love, time and money. Yes money. Just like having a baby, you need to spend money on food and medicine on your pet. If you think you cannot fulfill these conditions, I would advise you not to have a pet yet.


Videos: Singapore AirShow 2018

If you have missed the Singapore AirShow 2018, here are some videos from youtube:

1) Republic of Singapore Air Force’s Special 50th Anniversary F-15SG Livery Unveiled – AINtv Express

2) Singapore Airshow 2018 Static Display Tour

3) Singapore Airshow 2018 Day 1: RSAF and international flight display

4)Singapore Airshow 2018 Black Eagles