Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Insurance to help freelancers on prolonged medical leave to be available next year

Self-employed persons (SEPs), more commonly known as freelancers, can soon take out an insurance product to protect themselves against loss of income from prolonged medical leave, said Second Minister for Manpower Josephine Teo in Parliament.

For a start, the insurance product will be promoted to sports coaches and instructors as well as taxi drivers and private-hire drivers who form about 30% of all freelancers.

Currently, these freelancers – who include taxi drivers, private-hire drivers and sport coaches – can buy additional riders on top of their private insurance plans to mitigate the income interruption. "However, there is a lack of an affordable standalone prolonged medical leave products today. This means SEPs have no alternative if they do not wish to buy the main insurance product," she said.

Read more @ https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/freelancers-medical-leave-insurance-taxi-drivers-10013844

Technology: What is blockchain that is the backbone of digital currencies?

1. No more middlemen like the banks. That is why governments and banks are against digital currency as they will not earn any commission.
2. Frauds can be prevented entirely.

1. Needs a lot of computer and electric power as ledger gets longer and longer with more transactions for the same item.

Ways to relieve muscle aches

Ref: http://www.tnp.sg/lifestyle/health/quick-ways-relieve-muscle-aches-soreness

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