Saturday, 10 March 2018

Singapore recalls all rock melons from Australia as more listeria-affected batches exported

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) on Thursday announced a recall of all rock melons from Australia as a "precautionary measure".

This is because it received new information from Australian authorities, indicating that more listeria-affected consignments had been exported to Singapore.

The listeria outbreak has so far been traced to a specific grower in the state of New South Wales which had stopped production since Feb 23, 2018.

In Australia, four people have died and 13 others fell ill after consuming melon contaminated with listeria.


Medisave withdrawal limits to increase to S$500 for outpatient treatment

From June, annual Medisave withdrawal limits for outpatient treatment will be increased from S$400 to S$500, enabling Singaporeans to tap more for vaccinations, health screenings and management of chronic diseases like hypertension and depression.

The minimum age for Singaporeans to use Flexi-Medisave will also be lowered from 65 to 60 from the second half of the year. The move will benefit up to 260,000 more Singaporeans who are aged 60 to 64.


MOH to build up to 8 new polyclinics by 2030

The Ministry of Health (MOH) plans to build six to eight new polyclinics by 2030, Senior Minister of State for Health Lam Pin Min announced during his ministry’s Committee of Supply debate.

These polyclinics are expected to be in
  • Pioneer and Punggol (both started construction last year)
  • Bukit Panjang, Eunos, Kallang and Sembawang  to be built by 2020, and
  • Nee Soon Central and Tampines North to be built by 2023.

This brings the total polyclinics under MOH's network to 30 to 32 by 2030.

The planned polyclinics will provide a suite of services including medical treatment for acute conditions, chronic disease management, women’s and children’s health services, as well as radiological, laboratory and pharmacy services.


Jail terms should generally be consecutive

An offender who is being sentenced for two unrelated offences committed on separate occasions should generally be given jail terms that run consecutively, Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon said yesterday.

If jail terms for separate offences are ordered to run concurrently, this would give rise to a "perverse" situation in which the offender effectively gets a free pass for the second offence.


My 2 cents:
But a person should not be punished twice for the same crime, like a soldier. He should either be tried in a military court or civil court but not both. Just like a kid, he should not be punished twice by the parents and the school for the same mistake.