Saturday, 17 March 2018

Video: Flying rooster captured by my bike cam

The rooster was startled by my bike and it flew suddenly to a very far distance.

Video: Flying rooster

Forum: Minors who seek abortion encouraged to inform parents

We refer to Ms Ho Lay Ping's letter (Impose parental consent requirement for minors undergoing abortions; March 10).

Under the Termination of Pregnancy Regulations, all pregnant women seeking an abortion in Singapore are required to undergo pre-abortion counselling with a trained counsellor.

Unmarried minors below 16 are required to undergo compulsory pre-abortion counselling at the Health Promotion Board Counselling Centre.

The session will provide these women with information on the abortion procedure, educate them on issues such as responsible love, sexual behaviour and contraceptive methods and advise them on social support to prevent repeated unwanted pregnancies.

The pregnant woman can only give her written consent to the abortion at least 48 hours after the counselling session. This is to allow her time to carefully consider her decision for abortion. Those who require further support and follow-up are also directed to the Family Service Centres or helplines.

Currently, parental consent is not required due to concerns that mandating parental consent for such abortions may compel these minors to risk their lives by seeking unsafe abortions.

Minors seeking abortions are encouraged to inform and discuss with their parents and families on their decision to undergo an abortion. From 2013 to last year, approximately two in three minors under 16 were accompanied by at least one parent when attending pre-abortion counselling. About nine in 10 had self-reported that they had informed at least one of their parents about the decision to undergo an abortion.

Lim Siok Peng (Ms)
Director, Corporate Communications
Ministry of Health


Plastic found in most bottled water

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is launching a plastic health review after nearly every branded bottle of water tested in the largest investigation of its kind contained tiny particles of the material.

Scientists who carried out the examination of more that 250 bottles from nine countries said their analysis found plastic “in bottle after bottle and brand after brand”.

There is no evidence that consuming such small particles of plastic has any ill health effects, but it comes at a time of heightened international concern of plastic pollution and the effect it is having on the environment.


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AVA releases 100 tonnes of Australian rockmelons for sale

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) on Friday (Mar 16) announced it has released about 100 tonnes of rockmelons from Australia to importers for sale, after verifying that they were not from the affected grower linked to an outbreak of human listeria in Australia.

This follows a recall earlier this month of all rockmelons from Australia as a "precautionary measure", pending clarification on the sources of the rockmelons.

"AVA has worked closely with importers and retailers to verify the source of imported rockmelon consignments from Australia, and all consignments of rockmelons from the affected grower have been recalled and destroyed."

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