Thursday, 22 March 2018

Government schemes for the elderly made simpler

Find all the government schemes for the seniors (from age 50) at in 3 easy steps.

Young victims, witnesses of domestic abuse to have new Safe Space

Safe Space, a child protection specialist centre run by Pave, will allow more children to get help. It officially opened yesterday in Yishun.

Pave's executive director Sudha Nair said: "Children need to feel that they are in a safe and non-judgmental space to be able to share their experiences."

The new centre is one dedicated to working with children who have suffered or witnessed domestic abuse. It is the third of its kind in Singapore.


People with strong handshakes are less likely to develop heart disease

People with strong handshakes may be less at risk of heart disease, new research suggests.

A study released today found people with weak handshakes are more likely to have enlarged, damaged hearts.

In contrast, a stronger grip is associated with more blood being pumped per heart beat, regardless of the organ's size, a study found today.

This suggests such an individual is not suffering from heart muscle reshaping, which can occur due to high blood pressure, and is associated with cardiovascular events, the research adds.


Essential Oils May Lead Men to Grow Large Breasts

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Young men who are regularly exposed to lavender or tea tree oil may be at risk of developing large breasts, according to a new study.

Researchers from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) found that eight chemicals in the oils disrupt hormones. 

Although the findings are alarming, more research needs to be conducted to gain a better understanding whether or not the chemicals pose health risks.


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My 2 cents:
Many years ago, 'they' claimed soy was bad for men as soy increased the estrogen levels in men. Now, it is the turn of essential oils. In the above article [Is this the most dangerous food for men?], they found lavender or tea tree oil was not the cause of the man's problem.

In my opinion, natural food or herb is good for the body, just do not take too much. But sometimes, one may also be allergic to natural food, so be alert.

Once, there was this guy who started to use green tea powder for weight loss. But he took too much that it destroyed his kidneys  because he wanted quick results. Your body got unhealthy slowly, therefore, it will also take time to be healthy again. Some things cannot be rushed.