Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Sugar cane juice prices increase amid shortage in Malaysia

Your sugar cane juice fix may be getting more expensive.

A check with sellers showed that some have upped $0.20 for a cup of the popular drink, while others held prices firm but are absorbing the rising cost of sugar cane.

Hawkers said suppliers are charging between S$4 and S$7 more for each box containing 20kg of sugar cane.

Sugarcane is full of goodness.

An 8oz cup of sugancane juice holds the daily requirement of soluble fibre for an adult for the day. The complex sugar will slowly go into our body instead of spiking the blood and keeps us full for a few hours.


Boy, 5, treated for smartphone addiction

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When a five-year-old boy hurled his mother's smartphone across the room and smashed the device, it was the last straw for his parents.

It was the third time that Kenny (not his real name) had thrown the phone in a tantrum after being told to stop using it.

Despite his tender age, his family decided to take him to see a counsellor so that he could be weaned off his smartphone addiction.

They are not the only ones in Singapore facing such a problem.

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Exceptional company: Singapore Airlines ranked best airline in the world by TripAdvisor

Singapore Airlines was named the number one airline in the world in the annual Travellers’ Choice Awards by travel site TripAdvisor.

In a press release on Monday (Apr 9), TripAdvisor said that the national carrier was also recognised as the world's best first class and economy carrier. Qatar Airways was rated the best business class carrier, while Air New Zealand was ranked the highest for premium economy class.

"The award is a validation of the hard work and dedication of our thousands of staff all around the world, who focus their attention every day on ensuring that Singapore Airlines remains competitive on a global level," added Singapore Airlines CEO Goh Choon Phong.

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Technology: Mining the cryptocurrency craze as rigs sprout across Singapore

With the digital currency fever taking Singapore by storm, companies that host computing “mining rigs” have been popping up over the island, some even as recent as last month.

“Hosting” companies charge a monthly “rental” fee – typically paid in six-month to one-year contracts – for storing, running their customers’ rigs along with often around-the-clock maintenance and support.

Typical hosting companies can be found in industrial estates and fees can be from $100+ to $300+ per machine, depending on the rigs. Bigger companies can host up to a few thousand rigs and smaller ones up to a few hundred rigs.

For the rigs to have longer lifespan, it is best they are in cleaner environment.