Saturday, 14 April 2018

People who stay up late risk dying younger

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People who stay up late and have to drag themselves out of bed are likelier to die younger than those who rise and set with the sun, researchers said Thursday.

A survey of more than 430,000 people in Britain found that night owls had a 10 per cent higher risk of dying in the 6.5-year study period than "larks".

"This is a public health issue that can no longer be ignored," said study co-author Malcolm van Schantz of the University of Surrey - and argued that "night types" should be allowed to start and finish work later in the day.

"Night owls trying to live in a morning-lark world may (suffer) health consequences," said fellow author Kristen Knutson of the Northwestern University in Chicago.

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Why sitting at your desk may make you STUPID

Researchers have discovered those with a sedentary lifestyle have a smaller brain region important in forming memories.

The study, by researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles, adds to a growing list about the dangers of sitting for too long.

An array of evidence has already linked the bad habit to heart disease, diabetes, several forms of cancer and an early death in recent years.

But the new research, derived from 35 participants, suggests sitting for too long could even boost the risk of dementia.


Exceptional people: army sergeant who helped woman get back lost purse containing S$5,600

A woman who had accidentally left her purse in a Grab car got her money back - all S$5,600 in cash - thanks to an army sergeant who later boarded the same vehicle.

He managed to contact the woman's husband, after finding a receipt with his name and mobile phone number in the purse.

The incident happened on Mar 28, according to the woman's husband Mr Amin in a Facebook post.

"Mr Yi Kang" was on Wednesday (Apr 11) identified as Third Sergeant Liaw Yi Kang, as the Singapore Army lauded his efforts in a Facebook post. Netizens, too, joined the chorus of praise.

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