Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Egrets and herons @ Pasir Ris park

Saw many egrets and herons at the beach of Pasir Ris park during low tide. Followed them and saw that they had built nests somewhere near the back of NTUC Downtown East.

A heron tending to its nest

Differences between egret and heron are:
  • Egret is smaller in size and has darker legs.
  • Both egret and heron have S neck when flying.

Taiwan and Japan on alert following measles outbreak

Singaporeans going for holidays in Taiwan and Japan are urged to take added precautions following an outbreak of measles.

The outbreak has been traced to a 30-year-old male flight attendant with Tigerair Taiwan, according to local reports.

Taiwan’s Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said in a press release on Mar 29 that he visited Thailand in early March before flying to the island of Okinawa in Japan where he was diagnosed and hospitalised.

The CDC said
  • at least 22 Taiwanese have been tested positive for the highly infectious virus,
  • seven people contracted the disease abroad and 15 contracted it domestically, and 
  • more than 3,500 people in Kaohsiung city of southern Taiwan have been quarantined and another 980 people in Taipei are being monitored, following an outbreak at a major Hospital in New Taipei City.

In Japan, authorities have urged the public to be “fully vaccinated” against measles, following the outbreak in Okinawa and several cases in Nagoya.


DIY infused detox water recipes

Detox water (also called spa water or infused water) is simply water and a combination of sliced fruit, vegetables, herbs, and spices.

Whether the ingredients provide any health benefit is unknown, but what detox water can do is help people drink more fluids by making the plain water tastes other than plain, especially for children.

Some of the things that can be added to plain water include lime, lemon, cucumber, orange, grapefruit, ginger, mint, chrysanthemum flowers, etc.

One thing not to add is garlic. It gives a very bad smell after a while in the water, hence it is a good pesticide.

Get the full recipes from

Couples who do chores together are happier

Couples who do chores together are happier, fight less and have better sex lives, according to new research.

Americans spend an average of 664 hours doing household work each year, and women spend about an hour more each day tidying up than men do.

Equal sharing of the burden of chores is becoming more common, however, and research suggests that as it does, women are feeling less put upon and more in the mood.

What's more, sex therapist Dr Ian Kerner advises that doing housework together can make the chores go quicker, build communications with your partner and even turn make the dish-washing steamy.


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