Friday, 4 May 2018

Exceptional people: 11-year-old receives award from the police

On Dec 21 last year, Nor Efiqah Mohd Hamzah, then 10, was at the mini-mart at her flat's void deck when she saw a man stealing from the shop.

As she was queuing to buy mineral water with her friend she saw the man in front of her quickly stuff some chocolate bars into his pocket.

Efiqah, now 11 and a Primary 5 student at Zhangde Primary School, immediately alerted the shopkeeper in time for him to call the police. He chased the suspect and the man was arrested for shop theft.


This is the one vitamin you should take if you want to remember your dreams

Do you have problems remembering what you dreamt?

According to a new study, taking one particular vitamin could help you remember those dreams you keep losing. The research, published in the journal Perceptual and Motor Skills, found that taking high-dose vitamin B6 supplements before going to bed helped people remember their dreams.

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If you do not want to take vitamin B6 supplement, you may want to eat more blackstrap molasses as it contains high amounts of B vitamins, B6 is one of them.
Food made with brewer's yeast also contains high amount of B vitamins.

Benefits of blackstrap molasses

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After white sugar is extracted from raw sugar cane, the remaining substance that is black is the molasses. It is full of nutrients as only sugar is removed from sugar cane, making it a good substitute for sugar as it is not that sweet.

There are three types of molasses. Light molasses has only a little bit of sugar extracted, dark molasses is the 2nd boiling of raw sugar cane and more sugar is extracted. 3rd boiling of raw sugar cane has most sugar extracted, resulting the molasses bitter but have the most health benefits, hence it is sold as health supplement.

1) Blackstrap molasses contains nutrients like
  • B vitamins
  • manganese
  • magnesium
  • potassium
  • selenium
  • copper
  • calcium
  • iron
  • phosphorus, etc

2) Hair
Many people claimed their grey hair turned black after eating blackstrap molasses or their hair thickened. Important thing is molasses makes your hair stronger.

3) Bone and tooth health
Calcium helps in building your bones and teeth stronger.

4) Blood pressure
Potassium can help in stabilising of blood pressure.

With the vast amount of nutrients, molasses is good to build your body health. Take a teaspoon of molasses with your beverage instead of white sugar and you will find good health quickly. But do not expect molasses to help you in weight loss.


Why is travel insurance important?

Some of the things that might happen while travelling....

1. Tourists are often targeted by pickpockets, cheats or daylight robbery.

2. You may lose your wallet, passport or luggage.

3. Your holiday plans may be disrupted by sickness, accident, cancellation or postponed flight.

4. Terrorist, war, kidnapping and serious crime or violence threats.

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