Thursday, 17 May 2018

Chimpanzees have much cleaner beds than humans do

Chimpanzees have much cleaner beds - with fewer bodily bacteria - than humans do, scientists have found.

A study comparing swabs taken from chimp nests with those from human beds found that people's sheets and mattresses harboured far more bacteria from their bodies than the animals' beds did from theirs.

The researchers say their findings suggest that our attempts to create clean environments for ourselves may actually make our surroundings “less ideal”.

More than a third – 35% - of the bacteria in human beds comes from our own saliva, skin and faecal particles.


Naps during pregnancy may be linked with healthier birth weight

Pregnant women who nap regularly may reduce their baby's risk of low birth weight, a study from China suggests.

"Low birth weight is one of the feared outcomes of pregnancy, and novel insight into risk factors is welcome," said Dr Ghada Bourjeily, a sleep researcher at Brown University's Warren Alpert Medical School in Providence, Rhode Island, who wasn't involved in the study.

"Sleep, its quality and its duration are emerging as risk factors for various perinatal complications," Bourjeily said in an email.

Low birth weight is defined as less than 2.5kg.

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Eat yogurt as an appetizer before every meal to fight inflammation

Eating yogurt as an appetizer before meals could ease inflammation, hypertension and boost gut health, a new study has found.

They found that, even in those who ate plenty of meat and carbs, the yogurt appetizer helped to off-set the inflammation caused by saturated fat.

The study is the latest to show fermented dairy products like yogurt and cheese can have transformative effects on gut health and inflammation, running against the popular health fad of shunning dairy products.

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Acne sufferers go wild for 'miracle' charcoal soap they claim clears the skin in as little as seven days

Acne sufferers have hailed a new £6 soap as a 'miracle' product, claiming it can clear skin in as little as seven days.

Carbon Theory, made by a London-based start-up, launched exclusively in Boots earlier this year and has sold out in many stores across the country as word of its powers spread on social media.

Made with organic tea tree oil and charcoal to reduce inflammation, fans have been praising the product on Instagram and sharing images of how it's improved their skin.

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My 2 cents:
If you cannot get hold the above said soap, maybe you want to use other soap or body wash that has tea tree oil as an ingredient.

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