Monday, 21 May 2018

Planet or plastic?

Nat Geo June cover
For its June 2018 cover and part of its "Planet or Plastic?" initiative, the magazine published a cover that is been widely shared on the internet and described as "dire" and "brilliant."

Created by Mexican artist Jorge Gamboa, the photo-illustration features a plastic bag partially submerged in the ocean, suggesting that the world's plastic pollution problem is "just the tip of the iceberg."


Jack's Gift Of Life: Music That Brings Forgotten Joy Back to the Old

After facing death, a busker's mission to fill a void in old folks' lives with joy.

A mix of Viagra and the flu vaccine could treat cancer

A combination of Viagra and a flu vaccine could treat cancer, surprising new research suggests.

The unconventional strategy invigorates the immune system to attack tumor cells left lingering after surgery, when the body is vulnerable.

Testing the method in mice with lung cancer, Canadian researchers saw a 90% reduction in the spread of the disease.

The study was such a success that 24 human stomach cancer patients will now test the combination in a clinical trial that could pave the way to it being approved.

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Chiropractors really do relieve back pain

Chiropractors really do relieve back pain, new research suggests.

When given alongside pain medication and physical therapy, spinal manipulation benefits 62.6% of lower-back pain sufferers after six weeks, a study found today.

This is compared to just 46.6% who find their discomfort is eased by medication alone, the research adds.

'In contrast to most clinicians, chiropractors are specialists in back problems and enjoy seeing patients with lower back pain.

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My 2 cents:
Chiros are not only specialists for back problems, they are the specialists for all the bone and tendon pain in our body. Even after a fracture, the chiros can treat the dislocation and make your fracture heal faster.

Checkout these videos on how a chiro heals patients with his hands.
1) Acute disc bulge 
2) Hunchback after pulling a tree
3) Boy injured his neck after falling
4) Singapore TCM chiro

One point to remember is DO NOT BUY those package deal. A good chiro will only treat you as and when required.