Tuesday, 12 June 2018

S$180m in MediSave top-ups for Pioneer Generation in 2018

About S$180 million in Medisave top-ups will be disbursed to eligible seniors this year, as part of the Pioneer Generation Package, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) announced on Monday (Jun 11).

In a press release, MOF said pioneers will receive letters in the coming week, informing them of their top-ups, which will be credited in July.

GST medisave for pioneer generation

The Pioneer Generation MediSave top-ups are in addition to the MediSave top-ups for Singaporeans aged 65 and above in 2018, under the GST Voucher Scheme. Both of these are permanent schemes, disbursed yearly in July and August, respectively.

GST medisave for 65 and above seniors

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Forum: Don't be so quick to remove 'offensive' drawing

Interpreting a drawing that does not come with an explanation of what the artist wanted to express would depend very much on the viewer's perception.

I believe the Esplanade should not have overreacted and removed the drawing so swiftly, unless it was clearly explained that the drawing was expressing obscenity, or deemed absurd or offensive to the majority (Esplanade pulls out artwork after 'obscenity' complaints; June 7).

While we do not want children to learn the wrong things, it is impossible to block all obscene or offensive material from them in this Internet age of free-flowing information.

A better way is for parents to instil proper core values in their children so they are able to differentiate between right and wrong.

We built our nation on trust and equality, and we pride ourselves on achieving a free and inclusive society.

So, let us not try to be moral guardians of others, and to accept one another with an open mind, even if we do not agree with other lives or beliefs.

It is with such understanding, faith, respect, open-mindedness and embracing one another's views that we can truly build an inclusive and harmonious society that we all enjoy and live in happily.

Lim Soo Huat

Ref: http://str.sg/oY6j

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Half of premature births could be avoided with simple bacteria test

Researchers found that a new technique could identify the risk of premature birth at routine check-ups, helping to ensure swift treatment by giving women supplements which replace the dangerous microbes with “good bacteria”.

Premature birth is the biggest cause of death for young children worldwide.

Scientists from a charity led by fertility expert Prof Robert Winston found that a new swab test could check if women were carrying potentially harmful bacteria in their reproductive tract.

Such conditions, which produce no symptoms, cause up to half of premature births, research suggests.

Ref: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/half-premature-births-could-avoided-230100059.html

Experts suggest ways children can get Vitamin D


Although many people know calcium and vitamin D are vital for building healthy bones, not everyone knows calcium can only be absorbed when vitamin D is present.

"Vitamin D is sometimes misunderstood and underappreciated, especially when it works as a silent partner with calcium," said Dr. Megan Moreno of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health in Madison, who wrote the one-page primer intended for parents and caregivers.

The patient page, accessible for free (https://bit.ly/2JwqcO8), is based on recommendations given by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The resource emphasizes the best ways for children to obtain vitamin D through:
  1. sunlight exposure, 
  2. diet
  3. supplements

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IKEA to stop selling single-use plastic products by 2020

Swedish furniture giant IKEA will stop selling single-use plastic products such as straws, cups and freezer bags by Jan 1, 2020.

This would apply across all its stores globally, as part of its new commitments to promote sustainable living, IKEA said in a news release.

"IKEA recognises that single-use plastic can harm wildlife and pollute oceans and waterways when it is not disposed of reasonably. We are determined to play our part and take responsibility in the areas where we can make a difference," said the company.

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The FIVE most effective ways to get your child to eat healthily

1. Increase variety of healthy foods
2. Introduce "new" vegetables and fruits - pair new food with favourites
3. Be a healthy eating role model - children see and follow what their parents eat
4. Eat meal as a family
5. Ask for help if your children has excess weight or obese.

Ref: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-5816345/The-FIVE-effective-ways-child-eat-healthily-according-experts.html