Thursday, 14 June 2018

Exceptional people: ITE graduate saves man who had cardiac arrest at bus interchange

Source: thenewpaper

When she saw a man collapse in Toa Payoh bus interchange on April 25, Miss Mabel Ong, 18, jumped into action.

The recent Institute of Technical Education (ITE) graduate ran forward to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the man.

She said: "His breathing was rather weak. I also asked people around to find an automated external defibrillator (AED)."

Miss Ong said she used the device to scan the collapsed man and administered three shocks to get his heart beating.

It saved his life.


Mother is given the ALL-CLEAR by doctors after a two-year battle with cancers by taking cannabis oil

A 52-year-old mother who took cannabis oil to battle her terminal cancer has been given the all-clear by doctors.

Joy Smith was told she would only have six weeks to live when she was diagnosed with incurable stomach and bowel cancer in August 2016.

In a desperate attempt to defy expectations, she began taking a cannabis oil that contained THC, which is illegal in the UK. She is believed to have bought it online.

And after a rollercoaster two years, she found out on Monday morning that she was cancer-free and would no longer have to have chemotherapy.


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Mother-of-two reveals how she cured her babies' dry skin by bathing them in her own BREAST MILK

A mother-of-two has revealed how she cured her children's eczema by bathing them in her own breast milk.

Lizzie Dempsey, 27, said the bathing quickly helped to improve their skin and strengthened the bond she has with her children.

After hearing about breast milk bathing online and from her midwife she tried it with George and was pleasantly surprised by the results.

When her daughter Isla was born in September last year she had no hesitation in doing the same for her, and says it is a 'safe and easy way to help your baby's skin.'


Artificial kidney that could mean thousands won’t need dialysis or a transplant

A coffee cup-sized implant that mimics the functions of the human kidney could be a life-saving option for patients with chronic kidney disease.

The implant is expected to begin trials later this year and if successful, it could be available within a few years, saving patients from dialysis or needing a transplant.

Healthy kidneys remove toxins from the blood, control the body’s fluid balance and make hormones which help control blood pressure, red blood cell production and keep bones healthy.

Kidney failure is where the organ’s ability to do these things falls below 15% of its normal capacity, causing toxins to build up in the blood and water to gather in the lungs — with potentially fatal consequences.