Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Is it safe to drink alcohol while taking antibiotics?

If you are on antibiotics, you have probably wondered whether it is okay to have a drink or two.

With some antibiotics, the answer is a definite no. With most, however, the answer may be a cautious yes.

A few antibiotics have been reported to cause reactions (violently ill) with alcohol. Most of these are cephalosporins, a class of broad-spectrum antibiotics that are used to treat a variety of infections.

The vast majority of antibiotics do not interact with alcohol. But that does not mean it is safe to mix antibiotics and alcohol. Common sense will tell you that it is best to separate them until you are well to prevent any side effect.

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KFC Singapore to stop providing plastic caps and straws for drinks

KFC announced on Monday (Jun 18) that in an effort to reduce single-use plastics, it will no longer provide plastic caps and straws with drinks at its 84 outlets in Singapore starting on Wednesday.

It will, however, continue to offer plastic caps for takeaway drinks.

"We acknowledge the strain that single-use plastics put on our environment and are taking steps to do our part in endeavouring a change," said Ms Lynette Lee, general manager at Kentucky Fried Chicken Management.

"We recognise that every little bit counts and are proud to be the first fast food restaurant in Singapore to champion this movement, one straw at a time," she added.

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Simple hand exercises for stroke patients

Source: ST, 19 June, 2018

Seven ways to minimise the risk of having a stroke

  • Know the signs - the FAST test
  • Keep blood pressure under control
  • Check your pulse, make sure there is no irregular heart rate
  • Are you diabetic
  • Cut down or stop smoking
  • Check your cholesterol level
  • Take mini stroke seriously


99% of Job Seekers Fail to Answer "Why Do You Want This Job" Correctly

Why Do You Want This Job?

According to a career coach, the correct answer is to explain how you can fit into the new company and what you can do to help the new company.

It is NOT about you, your old company or your experience. It is about how you can use your experience and skills to help the new company. It is about them!

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Cycling and photography

Whenever I cycle, I have 3 cameras with me: bike cam, mobile phone camera and a telezoom digital camera. There are so many things happening when you cycle, so the best way is to try and capture them.

Here are some of my pictures. You too can capture them if you look carefully while cycling. Of course, to make your photos more outstanding, you have to edit them. Not all, but those you feel are better shots.

Many of newly built houses are along park connectors

river reflection

Unsung heroes of Singapore - the blue collar and migrant workers

Bike cam photo

A lot of flowering plants to beautify the park connectors

You will be surprised by all sorts of seats and shelters along the park connectors

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