Saturday, 23 June 2018

EU approves new rules to protect intellectual property*

An EU committee has approved two new copyright rules - known as Article 11 and Article 13 - that campaigners warn could destroy the internet.

Article 11 requires that internet companies get permission from publishers or pay them to use a brief extract of their work currently protected by fair use.

Article 13 requires that all websites check posts against a database of copyrighted work, and remove those that are flagged. These posts are mainly memes or gifs where images are taken from films or tv shows.

European Parliament must approve the articles before going into effect.


Note: If the articles are approved, I will have to close this site as most of the articles here are based on fair use OR I have to rephrase (*) them.

Walking ability before heart surgery tied to brain function afterward

Older adults who are faster on their feet may be less likely to suffer cognitive problems after heart surgery than patients who have difficulty walking, a Japanese study suggests.

All 181 patients in the study were undergoing non-emergency heart surgery at Nagoya University Hospital. Before surgery, researchers measured how far each participant could walk in six minutes and did assessments of memory, concentration and attention.

About two weeks after the surgery, they repeated the same battery of cognitive tests. Overall, 51 patients, or 28 percent, had developed cognitive problems. Half of these patients were unable to walk more than 400 meters in six minutes before surgery, while half of the participants who didn't develop cognitive issues had walked at least 450 meters.

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My 2 cents:

The lesson here is that walking as a daily exercise makes your body healthier and it helps you to recover faster after surgery.

This is another reason why girls should not join the boys in drinking....

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Online shopping platform Qoo10 warns of survey reward email scam

Online shopping platform Qoo10 has warned its customers about an email scam that attempts to collect personal data by promising rewards upon the completion of a survey.

In an email on Wednesday (Jun 20), Qoo10 cautioned its customers to not click on the link nor open the attachment enclosed in the spoof email.

“Qoo10 will not ask for your personal information or credit card details in unsolicited messages. Qoo10 should provide means for you to cross check any promotions and competitions on our website which you can find independently.

“Always be suspicious of unsolicited emails, and do not click links or open attachments in unsolicited emails or messages, your best advice is to simply delete it,” the website said.

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