Thursday, 28 June 2018

Scientists discover bacteria in testicles

Men's testicles have their own bacteria and they are different depending on fertility, scientists have discovered for the first time.

Testes were thought for a long time to have been sterile environments, but researchers in Italy have found otherwise.

Experts say there are microorganisms living naturally in the testes, and the diversity of this environment within the body could give clues about a man's fertility.

Men with more types of bacteria in their testes could be expected to be more fertile, while a smaller range of organisms could mean a man has a lower sperm count. If the testes have only one type of bacteria, it means the quantity of sperm is so few that they cannot even be extracted by surgery.


Why you should never drink after exercise

High intensity actions such as running, jumping, tackling and changing direction create temporary muscle damage and soreness.

If the exercise is of long enough duration, the fuel stored in our muscles for energy (glycogen) can become depleted too.

In a hot or humid environment, the body also loses a large amount of fluid from sweating, reducing the blood volume (which is important for getting oxygen around to all our muscles and organs), and electrolyte stores (important for muscle contraction).

Alcohol slows muscles repair, worsens injuries, and makes your next workout much harder. It is a diuretic that promotes fluid loss and contributes to dehydration. By drinking alcohol, you are losing more fluid instead of replenishing fluid.


Business: How a positive statement made millions for this T-shirt company *

It did not go well for 2 brothers selling colorful t-shirts with abstract designs door to door.

They considered giving up until they came up with the slogan "Life is Good" and printed it on their t-shirts.

It was a game-changing move. Within three years, the business had generated $1 million in sales. 

Consider these slogans:
I really don't care, do you?
I really care, don't you?

Which, do you think, will sell better if printed on a jacket or t-shirt?


Video: You would not believe she is NINE!

Why are flight attendants’ rates of cancer spiking?

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Being a flight attendant has its bonuses, like getting to travel the world for free, meet new people, and maybe a good salary. But it is not all free snacks and flights to Paris. The job comes with some costs too—like erratic schedules, aggressive passengers, and significant delays.

But those, while frustrating, may be the tip of the iceberg. This week, new research is boosting concerns about an even more severe hazard: the increased risk of cancer.

The authors were not able to nail down an exact reason but they suggested the cause could be due to cosmic ionising radiation and the working conditions like sleep and changing time zones.