Monday, 13 August 2018

Scientists accidentally discover a drug that could let you eat as much as you want without gaining ANY weight

Scientists have accidentally found a way to create a pill that would let you eat excessive amounts of fat without gaining weight.

The team at Yale University were trying to cultivate a batch of morbidly obese mice.

However, in doing so they edited out two genes - which, in turn, appeared to protect the mice from weight gain, despite living on a high-fat diet.

While they have so far only tested this on rodents, the researchers believe they may be able to target those same receptors in humans, to block fat from being absorbed into the gut.


Forum: Being a senior citizen no excuse for boorish behaviour

I am a senior citizen writing in to highlight the boorish behaviour of some senior citizens in our midst.

I witnessed a male senior citizen demanding that a young woman give up her seat in the MRT for him.

She was not even sitting on the reserved seat. But, he scolded her in front of everyone, saying she ought to give up her seat for an elderly person.

She did do it, but she was not happy about it.

In another instance, I was at a National Day carnival singing our National Anthem when an elderly woman tapped my arm and indicated grumpily that she wanted me to move aside for her to walk through.

Earlier on, I had seen another elderly woman jump a queue.

Having a sense of entitlement and throwing one's weight around just because one is a senior is not good or wise behaviour.

I hope the guilty seniors will reflect on this and change for the better.

Joyce Fong (Madam)


Even light drinking may make fatty liver disease worse

People who have fatty liver disease that was not caused by heavy drinking may still need to avoid alcohol if they want to prevent their liver damage from getting worse, a Korean study suggests.

Most people have a little bit of fat in their liver, but fatty liver disease can be diagnosed when more than 5% of the liver by weight is made up of fat. If the condition is not linked to liver damage from heavy drinking, it is known as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and is most often associated with obesity and certain eating habits.

In a recent study, "light drinkers" who averaged less than 10 grams of alcohol (less than one drink) daily, were also 6% more likely to have their fibrosis (scarring on the liver) become more advanced than people who avoided alcohol altogether, the study team reports in Hepatology.


Note: Sugarcane juice is known to strengthen the liver. Therefore, if your liver is getting weaker, try drinking more sugarcane juice without ice or lemon for a short period of time.

Scam warning 1: Beware of online ticket scams for K-pop concerts

Police on Friday (Aug 10) reminded members of the public to be wary of online offers of cheap concert tickets, ahead of gigs by K-pop groups iKON and WINNER.

There were at least 120 reports of online purchase scams specifically involving the sale of concert tickets last year, authorities said in a press release. In these cases, the victims either did not receive the tickets or received fake or invalid tickets after payment was made.

Members of the public are advised not to be impulsive in purchasing tickets at prices that "sound too good to be true" and to buy from authorised sellers as far as possible.


Scam warning 2: TWC2 files police report over scammers impersonating staff

Scammers pretending to be staff and volunteers from non-profit organisation Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) have been soliciting door-to-door donations from tenants at Golden Mile Complex, where its office is located.

A spokesperson for the organisation, which promotes equitable treatment for migrant workers in Singapore, confirmed to Channel NewsAsia that it had filed a police report over the incidents on Wednesday (Aug 8).

The organisation advised anyone encountering such individuals to ignore them and alert the building's management or call the police immediately.