Sunday, 19 August 2018

Low-carb diet linked to shorter lifespan

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Middle-aged people who get roughly half their daily calories from carbohydrates live several years longer on average than those with low-carb and high-carb diets, researchers reported.

Those with high-carb diets even managed to outlive those with low-carb diets by three years, while those with moderate carbohydrate consumption outlived those with low-carb by four years.

The findings, published in The Lancet journal on Thursday, challenge a trend towards so-called Paleo diets that shun carbohydrates in favour of animal protein and fat.


My 2 cents:
There are studies to suggest that we should eat more fatty and protein food during the day (up to 6pm) and more carbs at night (after 6pm). Read this article.

My own personal story is that if I have a small snack as supper (milo with milk and a piece of 'healthy' bread, my weight the next morning will be less than the previous day.

Dementia patients may benefit from music therapy

Music therapy may improve depression and anxiety in dementia patients, a new analysis suggests.

Music therapy might also improve emotional well-being among those with dementia, researchers found. But they didn't find any benefits when it came to cognition and behavioral issues such as agitation or aggression, according to the report in the Cochrane Library journal.

Although the benefits of music therapy weren't large, "small effects are valuable, too, because even a small improvement or maintaining a certain level while otherwise a decline is expected is very important for people with dementia and those caring for them," said study leader Jenny van der Steen, a researcher with the department of public health and primary care at Leiden University Medical Center.

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The instant coffee that could help you lose up to THREE times more weight

Switching your beloved caffeine hit for a brew made with green coffee beans may be worth doing.

A nutritionist claims enjoying the brew could help you lose weight - because it is packed full of fat-fighting compounds.

Mr hay said: 'Green coffee bean extract is a natural stimulant that is less processed version of coffee and contains less caffeine than regular coffee.'

He added that coffee beans are 'loaded' with antioxidants and chlorogenic acid.

Chlorogenic acid is believed to be the principal ingredient in green coffee beans which produces weight loss effects, Mr Hay said.