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Low-carb diet linked to shorter lifespan

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Middle-aged people who get roughly half their daily calories from carbohydrates live several years longer on average than those with low-carb and high-carb diets, researchers reported.

Those with high-carb diets even managed to outlive those with low-carb diets by three years, while those with moderate carbohydrate consumption outlived those with low-carb by four years.

The findings, published in The Lancet journal on Thursday, challenge a trend towards so-called Paleo diets that shun carbohydrates in favour of animal protein and fat.


My 2 cents:
There are studies to suggest that we should eat more fatty and protein food during the day (up to 6pm) and more carbs at night (after 6pm). Read this article.

My own personal story is that if I have a small snack as supper (milo with milk and a piece of 'healthy' bread, my weight the next morning will be less than the previous day.

Dementia patients may benefit from music therapy

Music therapy may improve depression and anxiety in dementia patients, a new analysis suggests.

Music therapy might also improve emotional well-being among those with dementia, researchers found. But they didn't find any benefits when it came to cognition and behavioral issues such as agitation or aggression, according to the report in the Cochrane Library journal.

Although the benefits of music therapy weren't large, "small effects are valuable, too, because even a small improvement or maintaining a certain level while otherwise a decline is expected is very important for people with dementia and those caring for them," said study leader Jenny van der Steen, a researcher with the department of public health and primary care at Leiden University Medical Center.

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The instant coffee that could help you lose up to THREE times more weight

Switching your beloved caffeine hit for a brew made with green coffee beans may be worth doing.

A nutritionist claims enjoying the brew could help you lose weight - because it is packed full of fat-fighting compounds.

Mr hay said: 'Green coffee bean extract is a natural stimulant that is less processed version of coffee and contains less caffeine than regular coffee.'

He added that coffee beans are 'loaded' with antioxidants and chlorogenic acid.

Chlorogenic acid is believed to be the principal ingredient in green coffee beans which produces weight loss effects, Mr Hay said.


I started this blog to find some health are what I found - updated

When I started this blog, the aim was to find a way to build a healthy body from various newspaper articles or news from other blogs and I am happy to say I have found what I was looking for. Maybe not all the answers that others are looking for, but these are what interested me most.

I will summarise all that I find that work and hope this will help others too. But this does not mean you will not get sick or you will not die. This summary hopefully will help you live a bit longer, suffer less pain and enjoy what life has to offer.

1. Photos

First of all, all my photos of Walk around Singapore will be transferred to my Photos of Singapore parks and park connectors which will be renamed Photos of Singapore, gardens, parks and park connectors.

2. How to stay slim - Fruits

Photo taken on May 2018 @ East Coast.
To stay slim, diet is the only way for me as you do not expect most people in the 50s and above to work out in the gym. Yes, I cycle and walk almost everyday but it is more for flexibility than to lose weight.

Why fruits? Because they are the only ones that help in digestion naturally. I will eat fruits after every meal, except supper as it is not healthy to be hungry when you sleep. Apple is a must.
  • Fruits are sour by nature (when they are not ripe yet). The sourness is the acid that will help in the digestion of food.
  • Fibre in fruits will help to push all food, digested or not, into the intestines and out of the body. Food that are still found in the stomach will be stored in the body as fat or worse, be fermented with bad bacteria resulting in toxin in the body. Fibre will be pushed out after digestion, hence it is not stored in the body. You have to eat fruits or vegetables to have fibre. Another food that acts like fibre is resistant starch found in carb.
  • Acid will kill bacteria in the body and on the skin. Doctors have suggested eating apples to treat UTI naturally. Those who always feel itchy on the body should eat citrus fruits as they contain more acid.
  • Please eat in moderation but do not restrain yourself of any food as food is meant to be enjoyed. Just eat a little even if the food is 'unhealthy'.

3. Acupressure points

The Chinese believe in acupressure meridians where qi (energy) is believed to flow. When qi can flow freely, it will push the blood continuously round the body to stay healthy. When there is blockage to the qi, one may find pain and discomfort in the body.

So how do you see qi? 

Look at someone who is 'sick' - sometimes that fellow may not even know that he (or she) is 'sick'. He has difficulties in physical activities like walking, talking because he is always out of breath and does not like to move around as it is too tiring. This is because the qi is weak. I have noticed that people with weak 'qi' will not live long once these symptoms started.

How will acupressure points help?

If you look at the above chart,  the 10 important meridians start from the head and ended in the hands (5 of them) and another 5 ended at the feet.

Do these exercises at least once a day a few minutes each time to make your qi flow smoothly. Where there is pain, do the relevant exercise longer.

1. Massage your head.

Buy a massage roller from Diaso to massage your head to toes

2. Exercise your fingers and toes.
Simplest exercise for your fingers and toes is to open and close them alternately.

3. Do the Japanese sit for your feet

Japanese sit will stretch your ankles, knees and feet, Chinese call this lajin [拉筋].

4) How to have strong hair

Our heads consist of 60% fats. Our hair and nails are 100% protein. Therefore, we must eat enough good fats and protein to have healthy hair.

Just like a plant with its roots in the soil, if there is insufficient water in the soil, the plant will start to shed its leaves and the plant will die. This is just like our head. Insufficient nutrients will result in our hair becoming thinner and weak, and starts to come off from our heads.

Drinking soy milk is a must for me everyday. It has protein and good fats, as well as calcium for the bones. If you do not like soy, drink other protein food like almond or whey or eat more eggs daily.

5) How to have black hair

a) A village in China has been using fermented rice water to wash their hair. Look at this video at their incredible hair. Strong and black till they are 80s and beyond.

b) This woman uses vinegar to nourish her hair

So what can we learn from here?

Fermented rice water is like rice vinegar. So the lesson here is to use vinegar with water to wash your hair. Normal shampoo is too strong for our hair. It will wash away your hair dirt, as well as hair nutrients, leaving your hair dry and brittle. If you use shampoo, remember to use conditioner, but the best thing to do is not to use normal shampoo too often or at all. You might try using your hair conditioner to wash your hair.

Why hair turns grey?
It is due to the loss of black pigment or melanin in our hair.

Another way of making your hair black or regrow new hair is to do fingernails rubbing or Balayam.

Doing the exercise worked for some but remember that exercising alone is not enough. Diet is also important for your hair growth.

6) Don't use it, you lose it

Doctors always wanted us to be more mobile, that is why they always encourage us to exercise.

In the 1970s and 80s, whenever people needed to go some places, they took bus number 11, ie the legs. That is why older generations are more mobile than the later generations. All boils down to two words: laziness and comfort.

Look at the people using mobile devices to get around in Singapore. Look at our public buses. Do you see public buses plying so frequently in rural areas in Malaysia or China? Two bus stops away and we either drive there, or take a shuttle bus. If you use your limbs less and less, they will become weaker by the hours and eventually you will lose them.

Same for appendix. Same for breasts. After the babies are grown up, there is no more use for breasts, that is why there are so many women with breast cancer. Same for prostate. Older men are less likely to have sex, hence prostate cancer is common for them.

The lesson here is, do not be a couch potato. Be more active. If you do not take care of your body, nobody can help you. If you need someone to help you with  basic needs, you will feel frustrated because you cannot do something as and when you want. You have to wait until someone is there. Remember, the ones looking after you is also having a hard time.

If you cannot use your organs the way they were meant to be used, think outside the box. Use other means to stimulate or exercise these organs as if they are 'used' the way nature wants it so that you do not lose them.

7) Yin and Yang

The Taoists believed everything must be balanced. The good is balanced with the bad. Dark and bright, day and night, and so on. The Taoists used yin yang symbol for this balance of force. So it is best not to have too much good things, like a clean environment with air con. You need to balance the clean environment with some dirt or your body may have difficulty in breathing dust or smell and result in having asthma or other allergy reactions.

Taijiquan 太极拳, created by the Taoist, is based on this balancing of force theory.

Traditional Chinese medicine also believes in this balance of force: cooling and heatiness effects.

Symptoms of heatiness (yang):
  • gum or tooth ache (check with dentist first to make sure there is no tooth decay)
  • mouth ulcer
  • sore throat
  • flu with sore throat
  • nose bleeding
  • ear pain
  • rashes
  • hot at night, when sleeping

Symptoms of cooling effect (yin):
  • sensitive teeth (check with dentist first to make sure there is no tooth decay)
  • bones, joints ache and pain
  • leg cramp
  • flu with running nose
  • sweat a lot in the day
  • cold at night, when sleeping, resulting frequent urinating
If you are too heaty, you should eat more cooling food to balance your body. Or, you may mix heaty and cooling food together to make the food neutral.

Heaty/yang foods:
  • grow under the hot sun
  • are sweet
  • have lots of fats
  • rich in sodium
  • are hard, dry or spicy. 
Cold/yin foods:
  • grow in little sunshine
  • are salty
  • are lean
  • rich in potassium
  • soft and wet.
The color of the tea water will indicate if it is heaty or cooling:
Light yellow or green, clear - tea is likely to be cooling, like green tea.
Dark or reddish - tea is likely to be heaty, like pu er tea.

All green vegetables are cooling when eaten raw. 
Note: Vegetables that have seed(s) are technically fruits, like pepper, cucumber, pumpkin, melons.

8) Learn from the children

Have you seen the children, unable to keep still or instead of walking, they are always running.

That's right. To keep your body burning those calories, learn from the children. Do not keep still.

The worst part for most of us is sitting when working, watching TV, using computers, etc. To burn off those calories, do some simple exercises for a few minutes while sitting. Simple right?

I guess a lot of you will think, I do not want to sweat myself while working, or I do not have the time. The most difficult thing in life is to start something new. But once you have started, you will find it easier to follow up.

Remember that fats accumulate in our stomachs, backsides and thighs. So, do some exercises that target your stomach area like the following (or your own exercises), at least once in the morning and once in the afternoon. One more time when you are at home watching TV.

1. Stretching
This will not only help to lose calories, it will also loosen your backside muscles after sitting for so many hours.

2) Lift both of your legs up

3) Lift both of your arms up to above your head

4) Swing your legs
The following 2 exercises can be done at  home as it will stretch and loosen your groin area after sitting for so long in the office. These exercises are often done by cyclists to stretch and loosen their groin areas as they cycle for a long period of time.

9) Sleep on the floor

Due to frequent use of computers and smart devices, as well as sitting most of the time in the office, our body will experience aches and pains. Simple way to treat your aches and pains is to sleep on the hard floor.

Look at the Japanese and Koreans. They sleep on the floor with soft mattresses and most of them are still able mobile in the senior years.

You will feel awkward for the first few days, but after that your body will thank you as you will hardly feel any aches and pains.

10) Tastes and bacteria, germs and cancer cells

Nature has given us 5 tastes (recently they included blandness as in water to be another taste, so there are 6 tastes now). What does each taste in food mean to our body?

Sweetness - this is the best taste. All people, include animals, insects, bacteria, love sweet food. It gives us energy when we need it. To bacteria, germs and cancer cells, sweetness is their food.

Salty - salt is used in a big way in preserving dried food for hundreds of years. Salt (or rather sodium) dries water so that bacteria will die, in a way, reduces inflammation. People with skin problems, like to go to the sea for this reason.

Sour - this is the taste of acid, and by far the worst taste. Fruits by nature is sour because they have acid and help us in digestion of food. Fermented food is also sour and hence good for digestion.

Bitter - this is another taste that most people try to avoid. Vegetables by nature, are bitter and they are good for us. Just like black is a combination of all colors, bitterness is also a combination of many nutrients and minerals.

Spicy - spices will warm our bodies. If you are having cold, eating spicy food or drinks will give instant warmth to our bodies.

Bacteria, germs and cancer cells (BGC)
People like to enjoy life. We like to live in comfort, drink sweetened soda water, eat fried food and do not like to sweat.

This is what bacteria, germs and cancer cells (BGC) like too.

If we add some bitter or spicy stuff to our food, some people might not eat them. Same for BGC.

With this knowledge, to kill BGC, we must eat food that these BGC do not like, namely bitter and spicy food as they are very fussy with food.

Cancer statistics

Chinese has the most deaths due to cancer than the other races. Why?

It is because of the diet.

Malays and Indians use a lot of spices and herbs in their food, where else Chinese do not. Most Chinese will just add a little sugar, soy sauce or salt and that's it.

If you do not like to eat bitter or spicy food, then consider drinking coffee or green tea as they are also very bitter. Just add some sugar to bring down the bitterness of the beverages.

11) Herbs and food that I found beneficial

1) Heart - to have a healthy heart, eat more garlic.

2) Brain - to be smart, eat more oily food. Your head is made of 60% oil. If you do not eat oily food, take omega 3 supplement.

3) Hair - to have strong hair, eat more protein food. Your hair is made of 100% protein.

4) Sleep, blood pressure - jiaogulan will relax your body if your are tired, so you will have deep sleep at night. You will be energised during the day.

5) Common sickness like cold, sore throat - drink tea or honey for long term benefits. Honey is anti-bacterial.

6) Cholesterol level - tea or honey. Honey is able to remove cholesterol plaques. Tea will produce stain on our body. Whatever attaches itself on the stain will be removed as the stain is not permanent but will be removed under heavy weight.

7a) Cancer - drink coffee, raw vegetables or bitter tea like kuding cha as it is bitter. Bacteria and cancerous cells are fussy eaters. If their sweet food is contaminated, they will not eat.

7b) Cancer - Sabah snake grass. This grass contains some poison that will kill the cancer cells.

7c) Cancer - It is believed an alkaline environment will discourage the growth of cancer cells. Any food that has all 5 minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, and iron) is considered alkaline. All fruits and vegetables become alkaline after digestion.

8) Heaty - drink or eat cooling food or drink that are green (raw vegetable), bitter (tea) or has hard meat (apple).
Symptoms: gum or teeth pain, night time feeling hot, sore throat.

9) Cooling - drink or eat heaty food that are soft (mango, longan, durian), pu-er tea.
Symptoms: sweat a lot in the day, sensitive teeth, ache and pain in joints, running nose, feel cold at night and urinate a lot.

10a) Tiredness (no energy) - tonic food like ginseng, chicken essence. See #4.

10b) Tiredness (feel like sleeping) - do some simple exercises to let your blood flow and you will not feel tired.

11a) Weight loss - eat fruits or any sour food like probiotics (vinegar, yogurt, other fermented food) as the acid in the sour tastes will help to digest food.

11b) Weight loss - do some simple body movements once in a while when sitting. Kids stay slim is  because they can never sit still. Even when they walk, they like to run instead.

12) Joints ache and pain after a strenuous exercise - Cinnamon is good for inflammation. Drink beverage with cinnamon will make your aches and pains lesser after exercise. Note cinnamon is heaty, so do not consume too often.

13) Cold - Ginger will warmth the body and fights colds. Ginger is heaty, do not consume too often.

14) Detox - Kuding cha. Kuding cha will help you to lose weight as it gets rid of excess water in your body. You will be surprised how much water is discharged by this cha. In doing so, it  helps to get rid of toxic from your body.

Remember to drink more water to replenish lost water and the correct way of replenishing water is by sipping 2 to 3 mouthful of water every 15-20 minutes. So, have a bottle of water with you all the time.