Monday, 8 October 2018

Passengers on May SIA flight asked to go for tuberculosis screening

Singapore Airlines
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The Ministry of Health has asked a number of passengers who took Singapore Airlines flight SQ25 to New York via Frankfurt on May 13 and 14, as well as the return flight SQ26 on May 27, to go for tuberculosis screening as they might have got into contact with a person with an infectious form of the disease.

The passengers were asked to go to the Tuberculosis Control Unit, located at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, for screening.

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Warning: Beware of fraudulent emails impersonating MAS, authority warns

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) warned on Saturday (Oct 6) against responding to fraudulent emails purportedly sent from accounts, which request recipients to click on links or open attachments that contain malware.

Members of the public should not respond to these emails, which have subject titles like "Fund Transmittal" and "Singapore Compliance Information". They should also not open the attachments or divulge any personal information including login IDs and passwords, MAS said in a media release.

"Under no circumstances will MAS ask members of the public to provide their personal or bank account information," the authority said. "If members of the public receive any unsolicited or suspicious emails purportedly from MAS requesting personal or bank account information, they should report this to MAS at"

"Financial institutions receiving emails purportedly from MAS are advised to be alert to any anomaly in the details of the sender or nature of request, and contact the relevant MAS review officer if in doubt," it added.

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National Skin Centre unveils patch treatment for keloid scars

A patient administering the keloid treatment patch on himself. (Photo: channelnewsasi)
Patients at the National Skin Centre (NSC) can look forward to a painless treatment to reduce the size of their keloid scars by the end of this year.

Developed by NSC, the new treatment comes in the form of a patch and can be performed by the patient at home, as compared with the current treatment, which involves monthly injections at a clinic.

Keloids, which are firm protruding lesions on the skin, can sometimes cause itchiness and pain when rubbed against fabric, and can affect movement when they form on the joints.

They can also increase in size over time and affect quality of life, said Dr Tey Hong Liang, senior consultant and head of research at the NSC, who revealed the new treatment on Friday (Oct 5).

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Is your child quiet, inhibited or overly shy?

When worrying gets in the way of a child's functioning, parents need to get help rather than arranging the child's life to avoid the occasions of anxiety.

Anxiety disorders, the most common mental health problems in children and adolescents, often go untreated while children suffer, even though there are effective treatments available, according to a new report on anxiety in children and adolescents from the Child Mind Institute in New York.

Anxiety may be missed because it does not necessarily declare itself with attention-getting disruptive behaviours; in fact, symptoms may keep some children quiet and inhibited, though in other children, alternatively, anxiety may be misunderstood as oppositional behaviour.

Adults may also assume that anxiety in a child is just a phase to be outgrown. A certain amount of anxiety is a normal aspect of development for young children – consider separation anxiety, for example – and it can even be protective, since children need to learn to keep themselves safe and anticipate certain kinds of dangers.

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