Friday, 19 October 2018

Words you would not believe were actually added to the dictionary - updated

  1. bro hug - men hugging
  2. yolo - you only live once
  3. adorbs - adorable
  4. selfie - photo taken of oneself
  5. fuhgeddaboudit - forget about it
  6. yas - great pleasure or excitement like shiok
  7. vom - vomit
  8. gaydar - gay darling
  9. phablet - between a smart phone and a tablet
  10. glam-ma - glamourous gramma
  11. worstest - worst than worst
  12. dance-off - compete against each other with dancing
  13. emoji - small digital image
  14. bestie - best friend
  15. bookaholic - 
  16. twerk - sexy dance
  17. vlog - video blog
  18. glamping - luxurious camping
  19. hangry - hungry and angry
  20. binge-watch - watching shows in succession
  21. add oil (加油)- encouragement, support


For Stronger bones, diet trumps exercise

Researchers looked at mineral supplementation and exercise in mice, and found surprising results—nutrition has a greater impact on bone mass and strength than exercise. Further, even after the exercise training stopped, the mice retained bone strength gains as long as they ate a mineral-supplemented diet.

“This was done in mice, but if you think about the progression to humans, diet is easier for someone to carry on as they get older and stop exercising, rather than the continuation of exercise itself,” Kohn says.

The second important finding is that the diet alone has beneficial effects on bone, even without exercising. This surprised Kohn, who expected exercise with a normal diet to fuel greater gains in bone strength, but that was not the case.

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Singaporeans’ average life expectancy forecast to rise to 85.4 years in 2040

Singaporeans will be living longer lives in 2040, according to a study by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME).

The result of the study released on Wednesday (Oct 17), ranks Singapore third in the world, with an average life expectancy of 85.4 years in the year 2040.

Those living in Spain are forecast to have the longest life expectancy, at 85.8 years, followed closely by Japan at 85.7 years.

The increase in Singaporeans' life expectancy can be attributed to its health system and how key health issues are addressed, says the study on health and life expectancy.


Exceptional people: 2 members of the public commended for helping police nab upskirt video suspects

Assistant Commissioner (AC) of Police Koh Wei Keong, Commander of Public Transport Security Command presenting the award to Mr Yusman Yusoff. (Photo: SPF)

Assistant Commissioner (AC) of Police Koh Wei Keong, Commander of Public Transport Security Command presenting the award to Mr Yap Zuo Peng. (Photo: SPF)

Both of them had helped the police detained two men suspected of taking photos of up-skirting women in separate cases, Mr Yap at Hougang MRT station while Mr Yusman was at Toa Payoh MRT station.


Technology: Some Linksys wireless routers found with vulnerabilities, warns SingCERT

Image for illustration only

Some of Linksys' wireless routers have been found with vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to hijack the devices and perform malicious activities such as installing malware on them without users knowing.

This was according to an advisory by the Singapore Computer Emergency Response Team (SingCERT) on Thursday (Oct 18), which pinpointed the brand's E series line of routers as those affected.

Specifically, the affected systems are E series routers with firmware versions such as E1200 Firmware Version 2.0.09 and E2500 Firmware Version 3.0.04, the agency added.

Users were advised to update the affected devices' firmware to the latest version released by the manufacturer.

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Technology: StarHub prepaid customers to enjoy free local outgoing calls

StarHub mobile prepaid customers will be able to make local outgoing calls for free with immediate effect.

StarHub said the initiative is a first in Singapore and that customers will be able to enjoy the free calls every day as long as they have an active data plan.

Customers can continue to have free local outgoing calls until their data plan expires, even when they run out of data, StarHub added.