Saturday, 20 October 2018

Exceptional people: Man commended by police for directing traffic when lights failed at road junction

Mr Sukarno Arsad directing traffic at the junction of Paya Lebar Road and Macpherson Road. (Photo: Facebook/LiTing TaRa)

A man received the Singapore Police Force's public spiritedness award on Friday (Oct 19) for taking the initiative to direct traffic when he saw that the traffic lights were faulty.

The incident happened last Thursday at about 6pm, at the junction of Paya Lebar Road and Macpherson Road.

Mr Sukarno Arsad was riding his motorcycle along Paya Lebar Road at the time and decided to step up to manage the situation.

"He was concerned that motorists may not be able to make their right turn safely and exercised his initiative to direct traffic," said the police in a media release.

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Forum: Upgrade ferry link between Singapore, Johor

I read with interest the recent proposal by Johor's Menteri Besar to build a third bridge from southern Johor's Pengerang district to Singapore's Pulau Ubin (Crooked bridge plan may be revived: Johor chief minister; Oct 17).

Instead of spending huge sums of money as well as jeopardising Singapore's last few nature sanctuaries as a corollary of having a new bridge, I propose that the two governments look into improving the current ferry links between Pengerang and Changi.

ferry @ changi
Changi point ferry

Currently, passengers can either take a bumboat from Changi Village to Tanjong Pengelih or an air-conditioned ferry which runs only twice a day from Changi Ferry Terminal - which is interestingly, operated by Johor Port Authority - to Tanjong Belungkor.

The former is an uncomfortable, non-air-conditioned ride and departs only when the full capacity of the bumboat is filled, while there is hardly any information on the latter when one searches for it online.

This is a pity as there is a lot of untapped tourism potential in south-east Johor.

To improve the transport links between both countries without spending a bomb, we should improve and upgrade the current ferry links.

Additionally, it would be even better if there are vehicular ferries that travel on a fixed schedule between Changi and Pengerang.

Lee Yong Se


Canada becomes second country to legalise recreational cannabis

Canada has become the second country after Uruguay to legalise possession and use of recreational cannabis.

Medical marijuana has been legal in the country since 2001.

Legalisation fulfils a 2015 campaign promise by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the leader of the governing Liberal Party.

The prime minister has argued that Canada's nearly century-old laws criminalising use of the drug have been ineffective, given that Canadians are still among the world's heaviest users.

He said the new law is designed to keep drugs out of the hands of minors and profits out of the hands of criminals.


India reports 80 Zika cases, 22 pregnant women

India has reported an outbreak of the Zika virus with 80 confirmed cases since last month including 22 pregnant women in the western state of Rajasthan, officials said Wednesday.

Since Zika erupted on a large scale in 2015, more than 1.5 million people in more than 70 countries have been infected, with most in South America.

In rare cases, if pregnant women contract the virus their babies can develop brain defects.