Thursday, 1 November 2018

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Exceptional people: ONE°15 Marina Club staff who fought yacht fire lauded for bravery

(From left) ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove employees Sunasri Samat, Fadhlul Rahman Abu Bakar, Azhar Hamid and Nazir Lajis. Source: TNP

Mr Rahman, 31, and four other marina employees who helped fight the fire were honoured at the annual Hotel Security Awards yesterday.

In a ceremony organised by the Singapore Hotel Association, 19 hotel workers were awarded for bravery, honesty and vigilance, and a record 96 hotels were lauded for their high security standards.

The fire on March 22 had engulfed a yacht berthed at ONE°15 Marina Club at Sentosa Cove, causing an infant and two maids to suffer severe burns.

How well do you know your chocolate?

Source: TNP

Why toddlers need their afternoon nap: Scientists discover youngsters remember words better after a 90 minute kip

Parents whose toddlers are learning to speak should remember the importance of naptime.

A short sleep of about 90 minutes could help young children remember words better, a study suggests.

Researchers took 24 children with an average age of two and taught them made-up words such as 'bope' and 'dake' made to sound like English. Those children who took a nap after learning the words remembered them better four hours later, according to the University of Arizona team.

This may be because 'dreaming' sleep, known as REM sleep, helps the brain to consolidate memories and pick up language.