Sunday, 4 November 2018

Phased nationwide roll-out of Open Electricity Market begins

Confused about what the Open Electricity Market entails? Not sure how to sieve through the buffet of price plans?

Buying electricity is similar to getting a loan for your home, either the main HDB or other banks. Just like the interest for your home loan can have fixed or flexible interest rate, buying electricity can be done with fixed or flexible monthly plan.

Instead of getting power solely from SP Group at the quarterly-reviewed regulated tariff, the Open Electricity Market will allow you to pick and choose from a buffet of price plans offered by a dozen or more approved retailers.

It is fine if you prefer to stick with status quo. This new initiative is not compulsory and there is no deadline for switching. But switching to a correct new provider may save you some money.

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Alzheimer's breakthrough as diabetes drugs can REDUCE the severity of the memory loss caused by the disorder

Diabetes drugs may help people with Alzheimer’s disease by making their memory loss less severe.

Scientists wanted to understand why Alzheimer’s patients with type 2 diabetes had fewer protein clumps which cause forgetfulness in the brain.

Examining tiny blood vessels in the brains of people with both conditions, they found those of people treated with diabetes medications in a better state.

They believe insulin and Metformin, the drugs which help people regulate their blood sugar, also maintain brain blood vessels.

This may prevent toxins which can cause dementia from getting in, according to the team at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.


Changi General Hospital’s medical centre opens with new model of patient care

Changi General Hospital’s (CGH) new medical centre was officially opened on Friday (Nov 2), with a new model of care that will allow patients with multiple conditions to make just one stop for treatment.

The nine-storey centre located next to the hospital's main building houses 14 specialist outpatient clinics and centres that treat a host of conditions, from eye to renal problems. It also has its own pharmacy, offices and staff training facilities.

"The multi-specialty practice allows patients with complex medical conditions to see different specialty doctors on the same day, which means faster diagnosis and also more timely treatment options," said CGH’s Assistant Chief Executive Officer (Transformation) Selina Seah.

"The other thing is also the convenience of a one-stop centre that allows our patients not to come back to the hospital repeatedly in order to get their treatment."

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