Friday, 9 November 2018

Video: Foldable mobile phones

1) Rouyu Technology FlexPai, the new foldable mobile phone. This phone is available now.

2) Samsung foldable mobile phone / tablet. This phone is not ready yet.

MediShield Life coverage extended to three new areas

MediShield Life coverage has been extended in three areas to better protect Singaporeans against large medical bills, said the Ministry of Health (MOH) in a press release on Wednesday (Nov 7).

Patients who are directly admitted to community hospitals from the emergency departments of public hospitals can now claim up to S$350 a day from MediShield Life - the basic health insurance plan for Singaporeans and permanent residents.

Patients with conditions such as urinary tract infections, non-surgical wound care requiring inpatient medical care, or inpatient rehabilitation to improve their ability to perform daily activities will be able to benefit from this addition, which has been in effect since Jul 15, said MOH.

Coverage has also been extended to patients who require long-term parenteral nutrition. These are patients who need to feed intravenously, bypassing the digestive system.

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Disposable chopsticks in Singapore 'generally safe': CASE

Disposable chopsticks in Singapore are "generally safe" to use, said the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) on Wednesday (Nov 7) after it tested samples of the utensils for sulphur dioxide residue.

Disposable chopsticks, specifically those made of bamboo or wood, are bleached using sulphur dioxide to prevent the growth of mould and pests, said CASE.

However, sulphur dioxide residue may be harmful in excessive amounts as it can affect the respiratory system, and may cause breathing difficulties and skin allergies to some.

Tests by CASE showed that there was less than 400mg/kg of sulphur dioxide found in the 20 samples collected from departmental stores, supermarkets and stores in the heartland areas.

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Video: Invisible doors

My Photo - boat speeding

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