Monday, 12 November 2018

High blood pressure before age 40 tied to earlier strokes, heart disease

People who develop high blood pressure before age 40 have a higher risk of heart disease and strokes in middle age, two new studies suggest.

One of the studies followed 4,800 young adults in the US and found elevated blood pressure before age 40 associated with up to 3.5 times greater risk of heart disease and strokes over about 19 years of follow-up.

The second study examined data on almost 2.5 million young adults in South Korea over a decade and also found high blood pressure before age 40 was linked to greater risk of heart disease and strokes.

Women in this study had up to a 76% higher risk of cardiovascular disease, while for men the risk was 85% higher, compared to peers with normal blood pressure.

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Ministry of Transport posts clarification after false messages circulate

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) has put up a Facebook post on Saturday (10 November) which highlighted misleading information on public transport vouchers that is circulating via Whatsapp.

Last month, the ministry had announced that Singapore government will be disbursing $9 million from the Public Transport Fund, in the form of 300,000 vouchers of $30 each.

The vouchers can be used to purchase or top up fare cards, or to buy monthly concession passes. This is to help needy families cope with the recently-announced fare increases.


Donated breast milk helps 600 babies

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A breast milk donation bank at KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH), which has recruited more than 400 donors since its launch in August last year, has helped more than 600 vulnerable babies whose mothers cannot produce enough milk.

Breast milk collected by the bank - the only one in Singapore - has also enabled a drop in the incidence of necrotising enterocolitis, an intestinal disease that is the leading cause of death among premature babies.

Before the bank started, 5.8% of around 200 babies had the disease. But this has dropped to 1.8%, KKH said yesterday. Previously, these babies were fed formula milk.


Best Malay Language Teacher award 2018

The five award winners are (from left) Mr Roslie Buang Sidek, Mr Amirul Asri Hussin, Madam Khairyanie Kamsani, Madam Rita Zarina Mohd Nazeer and Mr Mohamad Zareen Mohamed Shariff. PHOTO: ST
This year, the five teachers honoured are Mr Roslie Buang Sidek (Fernvale Primary School), Mr Mohamad Zareen Mohamed Shariff (Loyang Primary School) and Madam Rita Zarina Mohd Nazeer (Marsiling Secondary School) in the role model category, and Mr Amirul Asri Hussin (Evergreen Primary School) and Madam Khairyanie Kamsani (Gan Eng Seng Primary School) in the motivation category.