Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Meditation eases PTSD in veterans suffering from flashbacks, nightmares and insomnia

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Meditation eases post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in veterans suffering from flashbacks, nightmares and insomnia, research suggests.

Scientists found nearly two thirds of ex-soldiers battling PTSD saw their symptoms improve after just three months of transcendental meditation (TM).

In comparison, only two in five reported any benefit from traditional prolonged exposure (PE) therapy, which involves recalling traumatic events and confronting distressing memories.

TM on the other hand involves thinking of a mantra or sound that settles the mind, which may allow veterans to gradually release painful memories.

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Strengthen bones with easy exercises

Weight-bearing exercises put just the right amount of pressure on your body, encouraging bone growth due to osteoblast (bone cells in charge of bone growth) stimulation.

You can do low intensity or high intensity moves to strengthen bones, as long as you use your body weight and adjust your workout to suit your fitness level.

Last but not least, if your bones are already thinning, check in with your doctor before starting any new exercise routine.

  • Take a walk - the longer the distance, the more protection you get. Try hiking for better results.
  • Do bodyweight squats - the exercise helps increase flexibility in the hips, knees and ankles too.
  • Taiji - can slow down bone loss in women who have passed menopause by up to 3.5 times.
  • Yoga - is a full body workout that can strengthen bones and muscles in the whole body.
  • HIIT - high-intensity interval training will be a power trip for your bones as you work through jumps and squats within the routine.
Ref: https://www.tnp.sg/lifestyle/health/strengthen-bones-easy-exercises

Scientists discover a never-before-seen nasal defence system against germs

A never-before-seen defence system against germs that enter the nose has been uncovered by scientists.

Cells in the nostrils release billions of tiny bug-killing sacs into mucus when they sense dangerous bacteria have been inhaled.

Not only do these sacs, called exosomes, kill bacteria, they also warn surrounding cells to protect themselves against invading pathogens.

Ref: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-6388521/The-fight-against-germs-right-noses.html

Technology: NETS payment now available for Singapore shoppers in Malaysia and Thailand

The next time you are headed for Malaysia, be sure to bring your NETS ATM card with you.

There are now 4,500 NETS acceptance points across Malaysia, according to a spokesperson for NETS in response to queries from Channel NewsAsia on Monday (Nov 19).

In Johor Bahru, NETS-enabled cards issued by Singapore banks can be used at popular shopping haunts including Johor Bahru City Square, KSL City and Sutera Mall.

In reciprocal, Malaysia's PayNet cards will be accepted on Nets' network here next year, said the Nets spokesman.

On Nov 12, NETS Group signed an agreement with Thailand's National ITMX Company to allow those from Singapore to use NETSPay app in Thailand, and Thais to use their mobile banking service in Singapore through scanning of QR codes.

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