Sunday, 23 December 2018

Scientists succeed in destroying HIV-infected cells in major breakthrough

Scientists have announced a potentially major breakthrough in the fight against HIV.

Researchers at Paris' Institut Pasteur claim they have successfully destroyed cells infected with the virus, which is typically treated with antiretroviral drugs.

The drugs are unable to remove the virus from the body, but medical journal Cell Metabolism yesterday published findings which announced that scientists had found a way to eliminate infected 'reservoir' cells.


More than 92% of escalator accidents due to unsafe behaviour

More than 92% of accidents on escalators happen because users do not practise safe behaviour, according to Building and Construction Authority (BCA) data.

The most common unsafe habits include not holding the handrails, running up escalators and the use of strollers on escalators, BCA told reporters on Thursday (Dec 20).

Other unsafe habits include the use of mobile devices, and not standing within the yellow box of the escalator step.

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On a diet? A high-protein one may increase your risk of kidney stones

Protein-rich food. Do not take protein supplement if you are eating more of such food.

There are certain things that you do that are generally accepted as healthy. Like eating your vegetables, going to the gym, or cutting down on soft drinks. But sometimes, in an ironic twist of events, doing what you think is best for your health could backfire on you.

Take kidney stones, for instance. They can be caused by eating too much of certain vegetables.

These hardened accumulations of minerals in your kidneys may be the size of a salt grain or as big as a corn kernel. Larger kidney stones can even be shaped like the horns of a stag, said Dr Tan Yung Khan, an urologist from Urohealth Medical Clinic at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital.

Stones that are still in the kidneys (they can move to other parts of the urinary tract) may not cause any symptoms, and you may not even know of their presence, said Dr Tan. But if a stone moves into the ureter and causes a blockage, that’s when it can cause pain that has been compared to that experienced in childbirth or being stabbed, according to Healthline.


Exceptional people: Indonesian woman honoured for helping to thwart cash theft on Jetstar flight

An Indonesian woman was commended on Friday (Dec 21) for her public-spiritedness after she helped police solve a series of theft cases while on a Jetstar flight in June.

Ms Kanya, who declined to reveal her full name, had been on a plane about to depart Singapore for Jakarta during the Hari Raya weekend when she observed two men behaving suspiciously. They were opening the bags in the overhead compartments.

Not wanting to alert them, she walked to the front of the plane and told the flight crew what she saw.

Ms Kanya was given the Public-Spiritedness Award in assisting the Singapore Police Force to solve theft cases on board an aircraft. Source: channelnewsasia