Friday, 28 December 2018

Forum: A kind word or smile can be the best present

A recent article on spending time with ageing parents inspired me to think about the best gift that one could give for Christmas (Best present for your ageing parent? Simply be present; Dec 16).

In our materialistic society, we often forget that the best gift is not one that is the most beautiful, most expensive or most practical, but one that is simply sincere.

Like the article mentioned, the gift of time and presence is the best present we can give to our loved ones.

I believe spending time with my octogenarian grandmother is a heartfelt and priceless gift to her, especially with the busy lifestyle I lead.

However, the best gift does not depend solely on the present itself but also on the receiver.

The best present can also be given by extending the spirit of giving to others in the community.

We can be more mindful of others who may not get the chance to receive presents or celebrate the season with their families.

A small donation to less fortunate families or a gentle word and a smile to foreign workers could also be a great present.

Christmas is not just a season of festivities. It is the permeation of love for our loved ones and greater inclusivity of everyone we meet.

Rachel Loh Si Ning


My 2 cents:

Just like the best present need not be expensive or large, doing a good deed does not mean one has to be very generous or doing a lot of good things. 

A simple thing like picking up a piece of paper or a used bottle and throw it into the waste bin is also a good deed. 

A donation of your unused coins to the buskers is also a good deed. You do not need to donate a large sum of money to be considered as a good deed.

Clearing used plates and papers from a hawker centre table is also a good deed. There is no need to clear all the tables to consider as good deed.

If everyone does a little bit of a small good deed, it will accumulate into a major deed.

Health ministry launches online calculator for CareShield Life premiums

Some members of the public will now be able to get an estimate of how much in premiums they might have to pay under CareShield Life, with the launch of an online calculator by the Ministry of Health (MOH) announced on Thursday (Dec 27).

CareShield Life is an enhanced version of ElderShield, the current long-term care insurance scheme for those with severe disability.

The scheme will be compulsory for Singapore residents born in 1980 or later, and will be launched in 2020.

Estimate your careshield life premium here.

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OCBC Bank launches free online will writing service

Getting a lawyer to prepare a basic will typically costs between S$99 and S$500, though there is no legal requirement in Singapore that it must be prepared or witnessed by a lawyer.

To make will writing more accessible here, OCBC Bank has rolled out a free online service for Singapore citizens and residents aged 21 and above to prepare their wills within 10 minutes on their computers, laptops or mobile devices.

Visit for the free will service


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