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Why experts say it is not the best idea to cut out *all* sugar from your life

In reality, eliminating all sugar from your diet is pretty damn hard. “Sugar is contained in so many of the foods we eat on a daily basis—especially when we go out to restaurants that serve food which contains hidden amounts of sugars,” says Dr. Glatter. That does not mean it is not worth it to be mindful of one’s sugar intake, but to completely cut sugar out of one’s diet would involve a significant amount of research, likely require preparing all the food one eats themselves, and in some cases, could make a person’s experience with food super restrictive and limiting. In other words, it is not a sustainable way to eat for most.

It is not a good idea to go completely cold turkey on all forms of sugar from a health standpoint, either. “Cutting out all sugar would mean cutting out fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, which not only sounds like torture but is also super unhealthy for you,” says Zeitlin. “These are the only three foods that can offer you fiber, so if you cut them out you will likely suffer from constipation, bloat and GI discomfort,” she says. And fiber is a crucial nutrient that is finally getting the recognition it deserves, thanks to its proven ability to lower cholesterol, keep blood sugar levels in check, and maintain digestive health—so skipping foods that have it to avoid sugar is not a good health compromise.

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2 my cents:
I have a friend who was so scare of getting the 3 highs that he restricted himself from all sugary foods. The result being he fainted a few times because the sugar in his body was too low. Too much sugar is bad for health, but not enough sugar is more dangerous.

Exceptional people: Singapore men's floorball team thrash Thailand 17-1 to claim AOFC Cup

The Singapore national men’s floorball team clinched the Asia Oceania Floorball Confederation (AOFC) Cup, after thrashing Thailand 17-1 in the final at the Alonte Sports Arena in Binan, Philippines on Friday (12 July).

The big win exacted a measure of revenge for Singapore, who lost 3-4 to the Thais in last year’s Men’s World Floorball Championships play-offs. They also lost 4-8 to the same rivals in the inaugural 2017 AOFC Cup final.

This time around, Singapore were imperious in the tournament, winning all their five matches by huge scorelines – against Japan (10-1), Philippines (17-2), India (16-2), South Korea in the semi-finals (13-1) and Thailand.


Children born to obese mothers are 57% more likely to develop cancer, study finds

Image for illustration only

Children born to obese mothers are up to 57% more likely to develop cancer, according to new research.

The researchers, who analyzed more than 2 million births and 3,000 cancer cases in Pennsylvania, believe disruptions to insulin levels at crucial points in the fetus's development could set in motion dangerous cell changes that lead to disease years down the line.

The connection is so strong, they said, that it should deter any expectant mothers from fast food and excess sugar, which could derail her insulin control. 


Sunday, 14 July 2019

Benefits of dancing: Happy feet, healthy brains and better balance

Image for illustration only

A 2017 German report in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience analysed brain scans from subjects who were on average 68 years old and engaged in either interval training or social dance. The study found that while both activities increased the size of the hippocampus, a region of the brain critical for learning, memory and equilibrium, only dance improved balance.

These results echo those of a 2008 Journal of Aging and Physical Activity study by Patricia McKinley of McGill University in which seniors participated in a tango dance programme. The report showed that long-term tango dancing was associated with better balance and gait in older adults. Since falls are the top cause of injury and death among elderly people, dancing can be a potent tool in extending one’s life.


Freebies Singapore: The Ultimate List of Places to Get Free Food, Concerts, Parking & More

Singaporeans love to complain about the high cost of living, yet we rarely bother to take advantage of the free stuff that is actually available in the country.

Hey, we may not have free healthcare, but at least we have the following. Make life on the island a tad less expensive by grabbing as many of these freebies as you can.

Link for the freebies:

In addition to the places provided above, the following links of free and subsidisded medical care and free food are from my own compilations.

1. Free food in Singapore

2. Free medical clinics - updated Sept 2018

3. Subsidised medical clinics - updated Sept 2018
This may not be free medical clinics, but you just need to pay a few dollars for the medicine as the service is free.

Exceptional people: Two brothers whose organ donations change lives and Singapore's medical history

Lin Hanwei (L), Dilun (R)

The Lin brothers not only share a love for football, they also recently made Singapore's medical history as the first pair of siblings to have donated their organs to complete strangers while alive.

In May, Lin Hanwei, 36, a financial services director with AXA Insurance, had donated part of his liver to a fellow Singaporean after chancing upon a plea on Facebook.

Seven years earlier, Hanwei’s younger brother, Dilun, now 34, had also donated his kidney to a complete stranger - a seven-year-old boy - at the same hospital.

It was the first instance of a kidney donation from a living donor unrelated to the recipient by family links in Singapore.


Friday, 12 July 2019

NTU scientists develop luminescent probe to detect acute kidney failure early

Source: cna

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) have developed a type of luminescent imaging probes that could allow for acute kidney failure to be detected 1.5 days earlier than current molecular imaging procedures.

The new probes, which have been tested on mice, could potentially be used in test strips for urine samples, allowing for a non-invasive method of detecting kidney failure, NTU said.

Acute kidney failure - a condition when the kidneys stop working suddenly - usually occurs in a few hours or a few days and can be fatal.

“For patients who are critically ill, like those in the intensive care unit, every minute is precious in reversing a condition like acute kidney failure, which can cause a patient’s health to deteriorate rapidly,” said NTU Associate Professor Pu Kanyi.

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Experts call for athletes to be banned from taking a chemical found in SPINACH because it has a 'steroid effect'

It was the secret to Popeye’s super-human strength – but leading athletes look likely to be banned from following his lead.

Nearly a century after the creation of the cartoon sailor, and his love of spinach, scientists have realised he might have been on to something.

Researchers at the Free University of Berlin have found that ecdysterone – a hormone found in spinach – is so powerful that they want it considered a performance-enhancing drug.

The research team found a significant spike in performance among those who took the supplement in large quantities.


Ditching saturated fats may 'do more harm than good' as people miss out on nutrients

Fats - image for illustration only

Telling people not to eat saturated fat may be bad advice and do more harm than good, experts have warned.

Avoiding saturated fats entirely instead of considering the more general health impact of foods may mean important nutrients are missed.

Eggs, dark chocolate, meat and cheese, for example, are high in fat but also contain a lot of vital nutrients and vitamins.

Researchers criticised the World Health Organization for recommending that people cut down on saturated fats instead of being more specific.


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Thursday, 11 July 2019

Exercise programme for senior citizens to be expanded

A physical exercise programme that has helped frail senior citizens improve their mental well-being, memory, functional ability and strength is to be expanded across Singapore.

The Healthy Ageing Promotion Programme For You (Happy) will be extended from 37 sites - such as senior activity centres and void decks - to 130 over the next three years.

Researchers studied 115 people aged 60 and over who were frail or had underlying memory issues and found that after taking part in the programme, more than half had become less frail while 70% had improved walking speed, balance and could stand up from a chair more easily.

Nearly three-quarters of them (74%) also had better memory scores, and 40% had become less depressed. The number of falls was also reduced by 40%.


Recall: Goat cheese with high levels of E coli bacteria to be recalled: SFA

Image for illustration only

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has ordered an importer here to recall a particular type of goat cheese from France.

Two batches of “Crottin De Pays” goat cheese were found to have a high count of Escherichia coli (E coli) bacteria, and the European Commission Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed has issued a notification for it to be recalled.  The Crottin De Pays cheese being recalled is made from unpasteurised goat’s milk.

In a media statement on Tuesday (July 9), SFA said that the batches of goat cheese have not been distributed to the market for sale and are stored in the importer’s warehouse.


Man dies after unknowingly adding pure caffeine powder to protein shake

A father has shared his grief over finding out the cause of his son’s unexpected death, taking to Facebook to warn others of the widely available ingredient that killed 21-year-old Lachlan Foote a day before his birthday.

After celebrating New Year’s Eve, Mr Foote arrived home and made a protein shake before messaging his friends complaining of the taste.

On Sunday, Mr Foote announced on Facebook the family had finally received the corner’s report confirming the cause of death and hoped that it would serve as an end to the rumours. “He died of ‘caffeine toxicity’,” Mr Foote wrote.

Pure caffeine powder is widely available and sold as a dietary supplement, with one teaspoon equivalent to up to 50 cups of coffee and it can kill.


Coroner issues warning about metal straws after death of woman impaled through the eye

stainless steel straw

A coroner has issued a metal straw warning after a woman fell onto one, impaling her eye and causing a deadly traumatic brain injury.

Elena Struthers-Gardner, a retired jockey, was walking in her kitchen in Dorset, England, holding a mason-jar drinking glass with a screw-top lid when she collapsed. According to The Telegraph, the eco-friendly, 10-inch long stainless steel straw entered the 60-year-old's left eye socket and pierced her brain.

"I just feel that in the hands of mobility-challenged people like Elena or children, or even able-bodied people losing their footing, these things are so long and very strong," Mandy said. "Even if they don't end a life they can be very dangerous."


Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Reasons why you should exercise in the morning


My 2 cents:
When you do exercises in the morning, you may also activate the chi to provide energy to your body for the whole day.

My photo - pattern from building

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Simple ways to unclog your arteries naturally

We all want to live a long life, and eating a few simple foods has been scientifically proven to prevent—and in some cases reverse—the top cause of death in the modern world.

  • B vitamins
  • Garlic
  • Pomegranate
  • Fermented cabbage
  • L-arginine
  • Turmeric
  • Sesame seed


Supplements to raise your testosterone

  • Avena sativa or oats
  • Fenugreek
  • Forskolin
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Tribulus terristris
  • Vitamin D


Sunday, 7 July 2019

Groundbreaking nerve surgery allows 13 paralysed patients to regain the use of their arms

Groundbreaking nerve surgery has allowed 13 patients paralysed in car crashes and sporting accidents to use their arms again.

Doctors in Australia have successfully reconnected the patients' limbs to their brains by grafting healthy nerves in the place of damaged ones.

Faced with a lifetime of tetraplegia leaving them unable to move their arms or legs, the patients can now feed themselves, write and even use their phones.

Although the procedure has been around for years it has not been perfected and is not routinely used. But the repeated success of the surgery in this study, however, is hailed as an 'exciting' breakthrough in what could revolutionise life after devastating spinal cord injuries.


Obesity is now a bigger cause of deadly bowel, kidney, liver and ovarian cancer than smoking

Obesity is now a bigger cause of many types of cancer than smoking, scientists have revealed.

Excess weight causes thousands of more cases of bowel, kidney, liver and ovarian cancer than cigarettes every year.

And people who are dangerously overweight now outweigh smokers by two to one, experts say, with almost a third of British adults classed as obese.

Smoking remains the leading preventable cause of cancer but the number of smokers is falling while obesity rates rise.


The common cold 'could cure bladder cancer'

The common cold could one day be used to cure bladder cancer, research suggests.

A study found a strain of the cold virus called coxsackievirus (CVA21) destroys cancerous cells in the organ's inner lining.

The majority of the study's 15 patients showed signs of 'cell death' within their tumours after just one week of treatment.

And one cancer sufferer even had no trace of the disease remaining afterwards, the study showed.


Scientists eliminate HIV in the entire genome of lab mice for the first time ever

Scientists eliminated HIV from the entire genome of lab mice for the first time ever using a slow-acting drug and gene-editing.

The feat, revealed in a publication today, suggests this two-pronged technique could be the basis for the first universal cure in humans, with human clinical trials slated to start next summer.

A team, spearheaded by an HIV expert in Nebraska and a gene-editing expert in Philadelphia has presented the unprecedented fruits of a five-year project: using a slow-acting drug called LASER ART that corners the virus, followed by CRISPR Cas9 gene-editing that blitzes it.

In a new paper, they reveal this approach successfully eliminated HIV from the entire genome of a third of their lab mice.


Saturday, 6 July 2019

Best way to fight climate change? Plant a trillion trees

Singapore has been planting a lot of trees from the days of Mr Lee Kuan Yew till today

The most effective way to fight global warming is to plant lots of trees, a study says. A trillion of them, maybe more.

And there’s enough room, Swiss scientists say. Even with existing cities and farmland, there’s enough space for new trees to cover 3.5 million square miles (9 million square kilometers), they reported in Thursday’s journal Science . That area is roughly the size of the United States.

The study calculated that over the decades, those new trees could suck up nearly 830 billion tons (750 billion metric tons) of heat-trapping carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. That’s about as much carbon pollution as humans have spewed in the past 25 years.


This 2-Minute Breathing Exercise Can Help You Make Better Decisions

5-2-7 pattern
  • Inhale, count to five
  • Hold breath after inhaling, count to two
  • Exhale, count to seven
  • Repeat.

The 5-2-7 pattern breathing exercise improved decision-making performance and prevented stress under overwhelming psychological pressure, according to a new study.


The Most Useless Things Ever Made or Constructed

Sources: internet and

Friday, 5 July 2019

Don't do your boss any favors buying gift cards — it's likely a scam

And now we have the "Can you do me a favor?" scam.

Sure, you're thinking, "Hey, I know quite a few folks who ask for favors and run that scam everyday."

But trust us, this one has a new twist.

"Usually, it starts with an email," said Amy Nofziger, AARP fraud expert.

The email could look like it's from your boss, maybe your minister or pastor, maybe the principal of your school.

As soon as you get an email like that, call your boss. Just make sure it's him or her.


Exceptional people: Peter Lim donates another $10 million for sports scholarships

Singaporean billionaire Peter Lim handing out the Singapore Olympic Foundation-Peter Lim Scholarships to recipients

Singaporean tycoon Peter Lim has extended his pledge to help local athletes by donating a further $10 million to fund the Singapore Olympic Foundation-Peter Lim (SOF-PL) Scholarship from 2021-2030.

Lim's latest donation is in addition to the $10 million that he pledged when the scholarship was first launched in 2010.

DPM Heng added that Lim is also committing another $20 million towards a new community project to help children from less privileged backgrounds.

This takes the total amount that the 66-year-old billionaire will be committing to the community to $30 million.


13 people with disabilities recognised at the Goh Chok Tong Enable Awards for their achievements

Source: cna

Thirteen people with disabilities were celebrated at the inaugural Goh Chok Tong (GCT) Enable Awards on Wednesday (Jul 3) in recognition of their achievements and potential.

The awards recognise the achievements of people across different disability types. It is an initiative by the Mediacorp Enable Fund, initiated by Emeritus Senior Minister (ESM) Goh Chok Tong in 2016 to bring about a “kinder and gentler Singapore.”

“Our vision is to change society’s perception of them, from seeing only their disabilities to recognising their abilities, promise and achievements,” said Mr Goh at the event.

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Video: Donnie Yen on bottlecap challenge

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

New charity fund to provide financial support for Singaporeans with rare diseases

Rare diseases are conditions that affect a very small number of people. They are often diagnosed during childhood and are mostly genetic in origin.

Many rare diseases do not have available treatments and patients often have shorter lifespans as a result, but for some rare diseases, effective treatments are available which can increase patients' life expectancies and improve their quality of life.

These medicines can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, explained MOH, and patients often need to take them for their whole lives.

As such, Rare Disease Fund aims to encourage community donations to support Singaporeans with rare diseases who are treated in public healthcare institutions, but cannot afford treatment costs. For every S$1 the public donates, the Government will provide S$3 in matching contributions.

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5 Reasons to Keep Exercising

  • You will be happier
  • You will think better
  • You will look better
  • You will get sick less often
  • You will save money


Do you really burn more calories when exercising in a heatwave?

The answer, annoyingly, is 'possibly'.

Dr Preethi Daniel, Clinical Director at London Doctors Clinic, tells Cosmopolitan UK it is all to do with your basal metabolic rate. This is "the amount of energy we expend per unit time at rest, or a measure of how quickly you break down fuels (calories) to keep your cells running," she clarifies.

Doctor Preethi explains that the basal metabolic rate can vary with activity levels, but notes that in theory it is also movable depending on the weather and climate. "Warmer weather may cause a slight increase in the basal metabolic rate, helping you burn those calories a little bit faster, because the body is working extra hard to keep you cool," the doctor says.

However, there are no firm scientific studies to prove exactly how many more calories you would burn.


New Zealand bans single-use plastic bags

New Zealand officially banned single-use plastic shopping bags Monday (Jul 1), introducing hefty fines for businesses that continue to provide them. But the law allows reusable carriers to continue being provided.

Plastic pollution has become a growing global concern, with a million birds and more than 100,000 marine mammals injured or killed every year by becoming entangled in packaging or ingesting it through the food chain.

"New Zealanders are proud of our country's clean, green reputation and want to help ensure we live up to it," Environment Minister Eugenie Sage said.

"Ending the use of single-use plastic shopping bags helps do that."

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Bangladesh was the first country to ban plastic bags in 2002. China, Israel, South Africa, the Netherlands, Morocco, Kenya, Rwanda, Mauritania, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Albania and Georgia have since implemented similar bans.

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Warning: HSA warns against four skin creams with ‘potent ingredients’ after infant hospitalised

The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) has warned the public to stop using four skin creams, used for diaper rash and eczema, after they were found to contain “undeclared potent ingredients”.

The four creams flagged by HSA in a statement on Monday (July 1) are:
  • An unlabelled diaper cream supplied by a traditional practitioner in Malaysia
  • D’Splendid Kidzema Cream
  • Clair de Lune P. Tuberose Day Cream, and 
  • Clair de Lune S. Involcurata Night Cream

HSA’s tests showed that the creams contained ingredients such as steroids, antibiotics and antifungals.


What to know about not having a half-moon on the nails

Half-moon on nails

Most people have a small, whitish, half-moon shape at the base of each fingernail where the nail attaches to the cuticle and finger. Some people cannot see a half-moon, or lunula, on the nail while a missing half-moon may suggest a person has a vitamin deficiency or a serious medical condition.

The following conditions may cause the lunulae to disappear or be less visible:
  • Malnourishment
  • Vitiligo - a chronic skin condition
  • Anemia - blood disorder
  • Kidney failure
  • Heart and lung disease
  • Cirrhosis - may have red lunulae
  • Silver poisoning - deep-blue lunulai
  • Wilson disease - copper in the body, blue lunulae
  • Yellow nail syndrome

When to see a doctor

People who have no lunulae but no other symptoms should not worry unduly. Sometimes the lunulae are simply not visible.

Nevertheless, it is a good idea to see a doctor to rule out possible medical conditions. But when a person has other symptoms like difficulty in breathing, chest pain, fever, etc, it is best to see a doctor immediately.


How I beat procrastination by doing this 1 thing

Procrastination is not innocent behavior. It is a sign of poor self-regulation, and a habit that just sneaks into your system.  Researchers even compare procrastination to alcohol and drug abuse. It is serious. It is harmful.

When you procrastinate, you might feel better on the short-term, but you will suffer in the long-term. The truth is: Procrastination has nothing to do with what you are trying to do - small or big, it can wait until later. It can always wait, right?

Finally, here is one truth about procrastination that does not get enough credit: Nothing will help you if you do not have an inner drive. So the next time you want to procrastinate, JUST DO IT (the job) without thinking about consequences or reasons why you should do it or not.

Starting is the hardest part to do something. But after you have started, you find continuing the work is smooth. Next time you want to start to do something, it will get easier and easier.

2) Nike

Sunday, 30 June 2019

Walk around Singapore: Funan IT Mall (Jun 2019)

Singapore's IT Mall Funan opens again after 3 years of renovation that costs S$560 million. It is crazy with so many people there look-see-look-see, just like when Jewel Changi just opened.

The Mall

the big screen

the main staircase that is also a place to relax and the place is just like an amphitheater 

place for showcasing new products

Urban Farm

Plants in the city will help to cool the environment and add a dash of green

Hydroponic plants

Food and more food

preparing food on the spot

something different

..and more food at the basement


Sporting events are incorporated into the design of the mall. You may cycle here, rock climbing, gym or play basketball to burn all those calories after eating all those good food.

cycling is only allowed between 7-10am. Showering and locker facilities are outside the mall