Thursday, 7 February 2019

Exceptional people: The Singaporean who found a way for inmates, people with disabilities to help seniors

When Mr Ang Kian Peng visited a voluntary welfare organisation (VWO) in 2013, he saw what was served during mealtime: A mishmash of processed and deep-fried food, such as hot dogs and chicken nuggets. But he was appalled because “most of the beneficiaries are suffering from some sort of illness, so if you continue to feed them that kind of unhealthy food, you're worsening the conditions”.

Mr Ang left feeling disturbed – and determined to help them and Samsui Kitchen was created to provide healthy food for beneficiaries of nursing homes and charities.

Samsui has since grown exponentially. It now churns out more than 1.5 million meals annually for the elderly and the less fortunate, with a central kitchen located in the Changi Prison Complex.

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